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Computational Science Department at The College at Brockport, State University
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Natural Science Course Listings

NAS 401/501 Computational Methods for Teachers I (A). Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Enables teachers and teacher candidates in mathematical, physical, life and earth sciences to learn computational tools, advanced graphing calculators, laptop computers, CD-and Web-based tools. Involves computational science as a process in solving real-world problems in sciences. Introduces students to technology tools (such as graphing calculators), math modeling tools (such as Excel, STELLA, and Geometer's Sketchpad), agent-based modeling tools (such as AGENT SHEETS), science modeling tools (such as Interactive Physics). Includes a section on New York state K-12 standards in math, science and technology. 3 Cr.

NAS 601 Computational Methods for Teachers II (A). Prerequisite: NAS 401 or NAS 501. Teaches advanced computational tools and programming to secondary school teachers and teacher candidates. Science teachers will learn about computational approach as a scientific inquiry method in physical, life, environmental and social sciences. Mathematics and technology teachers will learn about applications of mathematical and computer skills in a variety of subject areas, aligned with the PreK-12 curriculum and textbooks in New York state. Covers training in advanced software tools for teaching and research. Offers further training in tools from NAS 501. Involves the development of lesson plans using computational tools and pedagogy learned in this course. 3 Cr.

NAS 701 Computational Methods for Teachers III (B). Prerequisites: NAS 601. A continuation of the NAS 501, NAS 601 course sequence. Provides more in-depth training on the use of CMST teaching tools and their effective implementation. Provides experience in the presentation of CMST lesson plans to teachers of varying levels of ability. Requires close interaction with other CMST participants and faculty. 3 Cr.