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The Criminal Justice Department of the School of Education and Human Services at The College at Brockport, State University of New York:

Criminal justice is committed to providing a comprehensive undergraduate professional education, grounded in the liberal arts, that fosters critical and creative thinking skills, focusing on the theory and practice of American justice systems designed to deal with the causes and consequences of criminal behavior;

Our faculty are committed to providing a variety of classroom, internship, and extracurricular opportunities designed to enhance the probability that able and motivated students can successfully achieve their learning goals and career objectives in a culturally diverse and globally interdependent community;

We are committed to helping a large, diverse student population, whether having come to Brockport as freshman or transfers and whether taking courses full or part time, with varying interests and needs, complete the baccalaureate requirements in criminal justice in an expeditious manner consistent with high academic and professional standards;

We maintain academic excellence through the teaching, research, and service of its faculty in ways that model for students the ethical value system inherent in public service.