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International Education:
Criminal Justice in London Brunel University

Most commonly asked questions about International Education:

When will I be Eligible for an International Experience?
The answer to this question depends upon many factors including age and experience of the applicant, maturity level and willingness and ability to deal with new and exciting experiences.  For the most part, all SUNY College at Brockport students can find a place in the international community.  Each program will vary in requirements including GPA, amount of credits, year of matriculation and other factors, but it will be a rare case not to qualify for some type of international education experience.  The Department of Criminal Justice, however, reserves the right to recommend candidates for specific programs like Brunel University and advises students to review requirements for admission into the program.  SUNY Brockport's full range of international programs can be assessed by contacting the Office of International Education.

How will I be able to timely complete my major requirements if I attend the Brunel University Program in London? Will I have to stay an extra semester?
No criminal justice student will ever be penalized for enrolling in our international offerings, and in fact will be given full credit for that experience in the major itself.  It is the department's philosophy to use international education credits as substitutes for certain required courses, depending on the pattern of overseas enrollment and to always accept international credits as CRJ electives.  Every credit earned in an international program is suitably assigned to degree requirements.  The Chair, faculty and your advisor will assist you in making curricular determinations.  No extra time will be required to graduate.

How much extra will my tuition and other costs be?
In most cases, international programs reflect the national economies of the international location.  London, for example, has a higher cost of living than the US and the American dollar has less purchasing power than the British pound.  Generally, costs for basic living such as room and board are much higher than the states.  There may be also a tuition differential depending on the program.  For these reasons, you can expect your costs to be higher in England- in the range of $3,000-$4,500.  Our relationships with foreign institutions make this small investment when compared to what the typical tourist would pay.  In relative terms, the student is paying very little for a 4-5 month stay in England or another country.  You will have to decide whether the extra investment offers sufficient dividends.  Our experience shows that, after completion, each enrollee sees these extra costs as minimal when compared to the overall experience of international education.

What types of programs are available?
Literally every type of program than can be imagined is available.  In Criminal Justice, the relationship with London's Brunel University is a special opportunity for our students.  Brockport students can live with English students, attend English classes, or if preferred, work one-on-one with a Lieutenant from the London Police Department.  Lt. Tony Moore guides students throughout the countryside, from justice agency to agency, making available an intimate and unparalleled comparative perspective on the American and English systems of justice.  If the student wishes to enroll directly into law classes at Brunel, reciprocal arrangements with the law division can be negotiated.  Other arrangements, depending upon your own ambitions, can readily be devised.

Will I be graded?
Yes, regular grades will be issued which count toward the calculation of the grade point average.

Can I go to more than one country and experience more than one educational experience?
Yes, the department will work closely with you to assure multiple opportunities that are consistent with the College and department's mission.

Will I be supervised and helped during my stay in England?
Another feature that makes the Brunel program so unique and intriguing is the availability of full-time faculty, employed by SUNY Brockport, who assist students from the day of arrival to departure.  The Brunel program requires all students to enroll in a class taught by Dr John Halsey entitled, British Culture and Institutions.  This course introduces the American student to the culture and social framework of Britain and affords our visiting students a place to be oriented.  Dr Halsey works extensively with SUNY Brockport students and aside from teaching the introductory course, travels through Europe with our students and throughout England introducing them to the magnificence of European culture and the English heritage which is America's ancestry.

Will SUNY Brockport criminal Justice Faculty visit me?
Yes, the Department of Criminal Justice visits its international students each semester.  This practice assures continuity with the department, affords students the opportunity to discuss each aspect of their experience, and allows our faculty to grow with you every step of the way.

Who will help with housing and other daily living issues?
The Brunel program, by and through its full-time faculty member, Dr. John Halsey, provides all these services in advance of your arrival.  Our aim is to make your experience pain and anxiety free.  Housing, room and board are the full responsibility of the Brunel Director and the Chair of Criminal Justice.

What type of place is London and specifically Brunel University?
Words to little justice to the dynamic city of London.  Cosmopolitan, cultural, eclectic, dramatic and urban are partial descriptors of this major city.  It is simply a fantastic center of European life- the pace of which most American students are impressed by.  Friendly are its people, closely aligned in heritage and perspective, it is rare to find American students who cannot adapt and find a home in this metropolis.  Brunel is a modern, safe campus with a strong reputation throughout England.  Recreational and entertainment activities are too boundless to list.  There will never be a dull moment in the environs on London.