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Criminal Justice Major Requirements

CRJ 101  Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 203 Police Process
CRJ 207  Corrections Process
CRJ 305 Adjudication Process or PLS 320 Law and Legal Process
CRJ 311 Criminal Law
CRJ 343 Juvenile Justice Process
CRJ 471 Research Methods or CRJ 475 Legal and Justice Research Methods
CRJ 494 Criminology

Criminal Justice Electives

CRJ 304 Investigations
CRJ 313 Constitutional Criminal Procedure
CRJ 315 Constitutional Law of the Detained
CRJ 321 Crime Patterns
CRJ 331 Community-based Corrections
CRJ 333 Treatment Modalities
CRJ 371  Introduction to Forensic Science
CRJ 375  Forensic Law
CRJ 410 Criminal Justice Dilemmas
CRJ 431 Crime Prevention
CRJ 434 Security Administration
CRJ 436 Information/Computer Security
CRJ 438 Security Law
CRJ 451 International Criminal Justice
CRJ 455 Legal Traditions
CRJ 465 Terrorism
CRJ 467 Murder and its Control
CRJ 477 Family Violence
CRJ 479 Victimology
CRJ 481 Women and Criminal Justice
CRJ 483  Fair Trial/ Free Press Conflicts
CRJ 485 Issues in Juvenile Justice
CRJ 489 Problems in Policing
CRJ 490 Internship in Criminal Justice
CRJ 491 Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJ 493 Seminar in Criminal Justice
CRJ 495 Law and Evidence
CRJ 499  Independent Study in Criminal Justice
OAP 408 Criminal Justice in England at Brunel University
OAP 413 British Internships in Criminal Justice