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International Internships


During the past twenty years, more than 6,000 students have participated in Brockport's study abroad programs. The Office of International Education at Brockport seeks to offer a wide variety of opportunities for study in other nations to a wide variety of students. The programs we sponsor are designed to be academically challenging, efficiently administered and reasonably priced. The Internships Abroad Program includes careful selection of organizations and extensive orientation to the culture of the country and a SUNY Brockport resident director on site.

The purpose of an international internship is to provide upper division and graduate students an opportunity for a career-related work experience while simultaneously permitting the participant to become acquainted with another important culture. An internship is an excellent opportunity to gain relevant work experience in a career-related position. Consequently, an internship is a very useful entry on a resume because it demonstrates that the intern has successfully applied those work related skills that were learned in the classroom to actual problems and real-life situations. An internship abroad not only demonstrates all that a domestic internship does, it also indicates that the intern has enough maturity and self-confidence to function in another society. An internship abroad offers a unique opportunity to prepare for one's career, to learn about another culture and to discover one's true potential.

Brockport's Internships Abroad program places students in businesses, schools and governmental agencies at several overseas locations--in England, Scotland, Hungary, Russia, Mexico and Costa Rica. Since these placements are made on a one-by-one basis, the process is somewhat different than that employed in other overseas academic programs. Typically, the admissions selection procedure works in the following manner:

  1. On the application form a prospective intern indicates both the type of internship placement desired and the location at which the internship is being sought.
  2. Selection and admission to the program is based on both the student's ability to qualify for an internship abroad, but also on our ability to place a student in an appropriate internship.
  3. Upon the student's acceptance of our offer of admission "and approximately two months prior to the start of the program" a prospective intern is offered an internship assignment. Students can accept, reject or ask for another choice.
  4. Student-interns must make a final selection of a placement at least thirty days prior to the start of the program.
  5. Final placement in an internship ultimately depends on the willingness of the overseas office to place the intern. Consequently, internships and their availability are unique each semester.

There is a SUNY-appointed resident director in each country in which Brockport's overseas internships are available. Resident directors are experienced professionals who have extensive experience and a wide range of professional contacts in the host country and have also had experience in the United States (on the Brockport campus). The resident director will obtain a suitable placement relative to the student's preferences, will locate lodgings, and will observe the placement to facilitate maximum benefit from the experience. Finally, the resident director will evaluate the student's work.

Students will spend about 12-15 weeks in their internship placements. They will assist the organization in the role they have been given. The organization will help them learn the functions of the organization and their role in it. Students will submit internship logs, keep daily records of their experiences outside of their organization, submit copies of functional reports prepared for the organization, and prepare a final report summarizing all their activities and involvements, with relevant analytical comments on the experience as a whole.

The internships abroad program can accommodate most majors. Our most extensive experience is in placing students majoring in business administration, communications, criminal justice, health science, international studies, legal studies (pre-law), and political science. Below are the countries and a few examples of placement organizations in which our students have interned.

England: The British Parliament, Lancashire Probation Service, West Yorkshire Metro Police, Hospitals in the Leeds area, London Transport (the underground), Amnesty International (the organization's home office).

Scotland: The Scotsman Publishing Group (publishers of the major newspaper in Scotland), Balmoral Hotel (a 5-star hotel owned by an international chain).

Hungary: (English language sufficient) Many and varied commercial and industrial organizations.

Mexico: (Successful completion of a Spanish language test, at level 2 Foreign Service Institute Scale or equivalent is required for admission.) Many and varied commercial, industrial, and governmental organizations.

Costa Rica: (Successful completion of a Spanish language test, at level 2 of the Foreign Service Institute Scale or equivalent is required for admission.) Penetone Corporation, Charez Construction Corporation, Costa Rica Expeditions, Banco de San Jose, Direccior Generalde Education Fisica y Deporter.

Russia: (Two years of college-level Russian language study required for admission.) Internships in Russia are usually limited to placements with businesses located in Moscow which are (or soon will be) doing business with the United States. Internships in Russia are therefore limited to business (or international business) majors who have taken a minimum of two years of Russian language study.

CREDITS (usually 12-15 )
Credits earned in Brockport's Internships Abroad Program are available toward SUNY degree requirements for graduation. Non-SUNY students and students who wish to use these credits for their academic major and/or minor should consult with their home campus academic departments prior to participation. Letter grades for the courses taken will be transmitted to the participant's home campus registrars via the SUNY transcript supplement at the conclusion of the semester.

Brockport's Office of International Education usually makes arrangements for a group-flight from New York to the site of the internship (provision is also made for students who wish to travel on their own). The group flight is usually met by the resident director and the internship is preceded by an on-site orientation.

The variety of living arrangements that are possible, depending on the country, include: individual rooms, apartments shared with other program participants, or with families in the host countries. These arrangements permit the student to choose the option that is best suited to his or her capacities, needs, and desires, thus providing the capstone for an intense and rewarding semester abroad. The resident director is able to reserve housing in advance or will assist in finding living accommodations during the first week after arrival.

Fall Semester
: Early September to mid-December, 15 weeks. Application deadline is April 1.
Spring Semester: Mid-January to Mid-May, 15 weeks. Application deadline is November 1.
Summer Session
: June through August, 12 weeks. Application deadline is April 1.

The cost of participation in the Internships Abroad Program will vary from locale to locale and from semester to semester. We estimate that the TOTAL COST of one semester's participation in Brockport's Internships Program varies from a low of approximately $4,500 to a high of $7,000 (graduate, $700 more). This includes round-trip air transportation (from New York), local travel, room and board, and New York State resident in-state tuition costs.

Applications for participation in the Internships Abroad Program must be made to the Office of International Education by November 1 for the Spring semester and April 1 for the fall semester and Summersession. A candidate should have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale). Students must be at least juniors during the semester of participation. Application forms are available from SUNY Office of International Education or by writing to:

The Office of International Education
The Center for Student Services
SUNY College at Brockport
Brockport, New York 14420
PHONE: (716) 395-2119
FAX: (716) 395-2606

The Office of International Education encourages participation in its overseas programs by women, minorities, veterans, and the physically handicapped. Information contained in this brochure is accurate at the time of publication but it is based on conditions over which SUNY Brockport has no control--rates of exchange, housing costs and availability of courses. Therefore, this information is subject to change without notice.

Cost: The Brockport Internships Abroad Program is one of the lowest cost overseas internship programs.
Financial Aid
: Because this program is sponsored by an accredited US college, eligible participants may receive financial aid from federal and state sources, including Unsubsidized Stafford Loans (which do not require certification of financial need).
Variety of Locations
: The Program provides a broad range of countries and sites to accommodate the disciplines and career interests of a diverse group of students
Customized Program
: Placements are made to fit the student's unique requests and needs. Each participant receives an extensive orientation to the host country prior to placement.
Support: The Brockport Internships Abroad Program has SUNY-appointed resident directors (with experience at the Brockport campus) on site to assure maximum benefit from the placement experience and be responsive to the participant's needs.
: Students live with host country families or with other American students in a variety of housing options. The resident director assists participants in securing adequate housing.
Transfer of Credit
: Credit hours earned in Brockport's Internships Abroad Program are awarded directly by SUNY Brockport, so participants do not have to "broker" the credits earned abroad (as they frequently have to do for overseas programs which are sponsored by non-US or non-educational organizations).