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        at Brockport

Instructions: If a course is transferred and defined as meeting the intent of the required course which is listed, indicate this by putting a "T" in the Transfer column and enter the prefix, number and title of the course in the Special Notes Column. If the course was taken at Brockport, indicate the grade and the term it was completed. If an International Education experience is approved as a substitute for a course or elective hours, place an "X" in the column titled Completed through International Education. Use the Special Notes column to indicate such things as waivers and repeats.  Transferred Brockport Grade Semester Completed Completed through International Ed


SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology          
PSH 110 General Psychology or PSH 112 General Psychology with Lab          
PLS 113 American Political Systems          
An approved minorities course          
An approved statistics course          
Two upper division (300/400 level) courses, one each in two of the following three disciplines: Sociology, Psychology, or Political Science          
Criminal Justice Major          
CRJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice          
CRJ 203 Police Process          
CRJ 207 Corrections Process          
CRJ 305 Adjudication Process or PLS 320 Law & Legal Process          
CRJ 311 Criminal Law          
CRJ 343 Juvenile Justice Process          
CRJ 471 Research Methods or CRJ475 Legal And Justice Research Methods          
CRJ 494 Criminology          
C.J. Electives and/or International Criminal Justice Educational Experience          

General Education:        ENL    P     F     Perspectives on Women
(S, S BY SOC/PLS)    QNT    H    H     Contemporary Issues
                                                L     N    Computer Literacy
                                                              Compartive Perspective

Minor requirements : CRJ 101, 203 or 207, 305 & 9 hours of approved CRJ electives