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Department of Computer Science

Home of ABET-accredited computing programs

The College at Brockport has offered programs of study in computing sciences since the early 70s. The Department of Computer Science at the College became a separate entity in 1989, with the splitting of the combined Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Currently, the department has ten full-time and six part-time faculty members. In addition to teaching a wide variety of courses, the faculty members are actively engaged in scholarship.

About 235 students are enrolled as majors in the department, encompassing a wide spectrum of people — from traditional college-age undergraduates seeking their primary degree to older students returning to upgrade their knowledge in a discipline essential to compete in today's high-tech society.

The College at Brockport offers a wide variety of courses in many areas of computer science and information systems:

  • algorithms, data structures, and programming languages
  • software engineering and object-oriented design and development
  • systems analysis and software project management
  • computer organization, architecture, and operating systems
  • artificial intelligence and decision support and expert systems
  • computer networks and computer and network security
  • database systems and data mining
  • web publishing, human-computer interaction, multimedia, and electronic commerce

Other areas are covered in independent study topics courses. Students are exposed to a variety of computer systems and both Microsoft Windows and UNIX environments. In addition, students can gain valuable job experience through departmental internship programs and Brockport Career Exploration courses. All courses are taught by faculty members and not by graduate students.

The programs offered by the department provide students with an excellent basis for a variety of careers and for graduate study. Possible careers include programming, systems analysis and design, maintenance, management and user support of software in areas such as business, science, engineering and computer systems. Fields of graduate study include computer science, mathematics, information systems, information management, and various areas of science and engineering.

A student interested in computing sciences has several options to choose from: a major in computer science (CSC) in the advanced computing (AC) track, which is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,; a major in computer science (CSC) in the software development (SD) track; a major in computer information systems (CIS), which is also accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,; a double major in computer science or computer information systems and another discipline such as mathematics or business administration; a minor in computer science; and a minor in computer information systems. Both majors have several entry-level courses in common. Hence, the selection of a specific major and the track, if any, may be postponed until the sophomore year.

To contact the Department of Computer Science, use the following information:

  • Chair: Dr. K.B. Lakshmanan
  • Secretary: Ms. Lisa Noreck
  • Phone: (585) 395-2146
  • FAX: (585) 395-2304
  • Address:
    Department of Computer Science
    The College at Brockport
    State University of New York
    350 New Campus Drive
    Brockport, NY 14420-2933