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Brockport/ CTC / Council Membership

Council Membership

Meg Norcia, Chair


Mehruz Kamal – Computer Science

Sandra Cimbricz – Education & Human Development

Melissa Waite – Business Administration

James Willis – Vice President for Administration

Takashi Nishiyama – History

Chris Carson – Art/Arts for Children

Neal Keating – Anthropology

Adam Rich – Biology

Eileen Daniel – Associate Vice Provost

Karen Riotto – AVP for Finance and Management

Becky Gagne – Human Resources

Ryan Yeung  Public Administration

Colleen Doyle – Kinesiology, Sport Studies & PE

Eric Kaldor  – CELT

Janet Roy – Advancement

Peter Dowe – Enrollment Management and Student Affairs


Levi Blowers – Student

Michael Prentice – Student

Jeff Mitchell – Student

Hannah Hellman – Student

Pat Reilly – Student

Nolan Avery – Student


Dave Strasenburgh – Library, Information and Technology Services

Jeff Smith – Library, Information and Technology Services

Tanasee Conner – Library, Information and Technology Services

Vanessa Wais – CELT (CTC Recorder)

Last Updated 10/29/14