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Brockport / CTC / Technology Grants

Faculty/Staff Technology Grant Forms

The Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative exists to identify and support the needs of individual (or small groups of) faculty and staff for job-related technology support. Technology-related proposals, especially those based on new and innovative ideas, for teaching, research, and program administration will be considered under this proposal. Approximately $65,000 is available through CTC under this initiative in 2014-2015. 

Please note: For this year, an extension of these grants will allow submission of proposals for projects specifically designed to promote the application of High Impact Practices (HIPs) into courses and programs. 

For more information, please see the following documents:

Tech Grant Announcement Memo
Tech Grant Program Description and Guidelines 
Application Form Tech Grant 
Fac Staff Tech High Impact Description
Application Form HIPS Grant 
Dean or VP Comment Form
Final Report Form 

For more information on the Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative grants, please contact Vice Provost P. Michael Fox at (585) 395-2504 or

Last Updated 2/24/14