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Department of Dance

Juanita suarez

Juanita Suarez

Associate Professor and
MA Graduate Dance Program Advisor

Phone:    (585) 395-5137


Juanita Suarez, associate professor and MA graduate program advisor, Ph.D., Texas Woman's University, MFA, University of Utah. Holding a joint position in the Department of Dance and Arts for Children Program, she teaches dance research, history, and education. A recipient of the $14,000 Rockefeller Grant for US-Map Fund for Culture, she conducted research in Mexico, resulting in collaborations with Luz y Fuerza (Mexico) and El Corazon, a migrant ensemble. She performed for Legends of China 2000, a dance exchange involving forty-five American and Chinese dance artists/scholars. Her research on Chicana dancemaking as a rising aesthetic within modern dance, will be included in "Interpreting Ourselves: Insider Ethnographies of Contemporary Dance Practice," to be published by Sir Wilfred Laurier in 2005. As a co-founding member of the Latina Dance Project, a national/international ensemble of Latina performers, the LDP supports the creative voice of the Latina experience and will premiere an Aztec-based project titled "Coyolxauhqui Re-Members" at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2006.

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