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Brockport / Dance / Undergraduate Dance / BFA in Dance

Department of Dance

 Which degree is right for me?


Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Designed for the student wanting a broad liberal arts education with a focus on dance or wishing to double major in dance and another discipline.

Students in this program may enroll in all departmental undergraduate courses. Most BA/BS majors take far more than the required 35 credits, including modern technique every semester for four years.

BA/BS majors are eligible to participate in all departmental performances, as long as they are enrolled in a modern dance technique or ballet course.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Designed for the student wanting to prepare for a performing or choreographic career and/or to audition for the most competitive MFA programs.

All first-year students will enter as BA/BS majors and must apply for the BFA program during their second semester or later.

Students in this program are required to take a minimum of 85 credits in dance.

Most BFA majors also seek summer study in intensive workshop settings. Most BFA candidates take modern and ballet technique courses every semester for four years.

Side-by-side comparison of BA/BS and BFA

DNS 208 Dance Production Practicum (0 credits)

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