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Brockport / Dance / Undergraduate Dance / Dance Minor

Department of Dance

Dance Minor

Total Dance Minor Requirements: 18 credits

  • Entrance into the Dance Minor Program is by audition only.
  • Grades of C or better are required for all courses in the minor.



A dance minor consists of 18 credits total. This includes DNS 204 Dance Conditioning and two semesters of modern dance technique (DNS 205 Modern Dance Technique I and DNS 245 Modern Dance Technique II).

The dance minor advisor assists students in selection of the remaining 10 credits in elective courses that will complement their academic majors. Electives might include dance styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, Irish, or African; music or history classes; or other special topic dance classes.

Last Updated 8/16/12


Mariah Maloney leads Trisha Brown Residency Theatre Academy Helsinki


February 2, 2014

NYSSA Auditions

February 6 -7, 2014

David Neumann, SDO Guest Artist

February 20-21, 2014

Dance Awareness Days (D.A.D.)