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Brockport / Dance / Undergraduate Dance / Dance Minor

Department of Dance

Dance Minor

Total Dance Minor Requirements: 18 credits

Entrance into the Dance Minor Program is by audition only.

Grades of C or better are required for all courses in the minor.


 A dance minor consists of 18 credits total.

Required Courses:
DNS 204 Experiential Anatomy & Conditioning (Fall only) (2 credits)
DNS 205 Modern Dance I (Fall only) (3 credits)
DNS 245 Modern Dance II (3 credits)
DNS 253 Beginning Ballet (2 credits)
DNS 364 Dance Improvisation (3 credits)

Select One of the Following Six Courses:
DNS 206 21st Century Dance History (3 credits)
DNS 305 Kinesiology for Dance (3 credits)
DNS 306 Beginning Dance Choreography (3 credits)
MUS 300 Music for Dance (3 credits)
DNS 483 Children's Dance I (3 credits)
DNS 487 Dance Pedagogy (3 credits)

One upper division DNS elective course: (2 or 3 credits)

Last Updated 10/9/15


Stevie Oakes, Assistant Professor of Dance, Invited as Dance Science Instructor
for NYC Professional Program

Associate Professor James Hansen Presents Choreography in NYC with Brockport Student Performers

Chamber Ballet Brockport Dancers perform at the Warner Castle Sunken Gardens







February 18-20, 2016
Dance Awareness Days

March 9–13, 2016
American College Dance Association (ACDA)