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Brockport / Dance / Undergraduate Dance / Dance Minor

Department of Dance

Dance Minor

Total Dance Minor Requirements: 18 credits

  • Entrance into the Dance Minor Program is by audition only.
  • Grades of C or better are required for all courses in the minor.


 A dance minor consists of 18 credits total.

Required Courses:

DNS 204 Conditioning (2 Credits)
DNS 205 Modern Dance I (3 Credits)
DNS 245 Modern Dance II (3 Credits)
DNS 253 Ballet (2 Credits)
DNS 364 Improvisation (3 Credits)

Select One of the Following Six Courses:

DNS 206 20th/21st Century Dance History (3 Credits)
DNS 305 Kinesiology (3 Credits)
DNS 306 Beginning Dance Composition (3 Credits)
MUS 300 Music for Dance (3 Credits)
DNS 483 Children’s Dance I (3 Credits)
DNS 487 Dance Pedagogy (3 Credits)

One upper division DNS elective course: (2 or 3 Credits)

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Dance Strasser
September 11-13
7:30pm Rose L. Strasser Studio