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“As a Delta student I accomplished all of my educational goals:
graduating in three years without sacrificing any learning opportunities,
participating in three hands-on experiences in the corporate workplace,
and most importantly maturing as an educated person of the world.”

The Program

Delta College students complete the Delta Core Courses, three Integrative Learning Experiences, and at least one major offered at the College at Brockport. They are also required to demonstrate computer, statistics, and foreign language competencies.

    Delta Orientation, a first-year orientation course that focuses on the adjustment to college life and the development of writing skills.
    Nine Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Courses, which are equivalent to The College at Brockport’s General Education Program.
    Three Professional Development Seminars that link the general education knowledge and competencies with the experiential learning requirements. Students develop and finalize contracts for each of the Experiential Learning Practicums. They also explore local, national, and global issues and present their findings using innovative techniques and media. Additionally these three seminars together fulfill The College's required computer competencies.
    Three Experiential Learning Practicums that provide students with the opportunity to encounter firsthand the social, cultural, and global issues discussed throughout the course of their study.  Students attain experiences through a first-year and second-year internships (DCC 235 and 355) and a culminating Capstone Experience (DCC 420) that can be a semester-long internship related to the academic major, a semester abroad, or an individually-tailored series of  experiences.