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In the Words of Students

Delta has done more for me than I ever could have expected. Through engaging class room discussions, preparation for the real word workforce, and overall support I know the program has truly contributed to the success of my college career. The thing that sticks out to me is the wonderful advisor relationship that you are given when you enter the DELTA College program…whether it is academic challenges, simple questions, or to support for life decisions and problems. I feel comfortable saying that DELTA provides one of the best advisor-to-advisee relationships, something which has direct payoff to your work as a college student.

Entering Delta College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has it challenged me academically, but personally as well. It is astounding how much confidence I have gained in the last three years. When it comes to describing the Delta faculty, dedicated, challenging, caring, creative, understanding and masters of their disciplines are the words that come to mind. They inspire us to go beyond our limits and excel. I do not even want to know where I would be without Delta.

If you are looking to just go to classes, study, and take exams then Delta is not for you.  Delta is so much more than just a general education program; it is a family that truly values your growth.  I have learned so much from my Delta classes and professors, from Greek literature to shock art.  The material that you learn is unlike any other class, simply because Delta professors look at the course as an opportunity to expand their students’ knowledge of the world and make them think past their backyard.  I have grown more confident in my abilities and in my knowledge because of the program. Because of this confidence that Delta has given me, I have taken on multiple leadership roles on campus.  These experiences are only going to better me in the future and I can honestly say that I owe it all to Delta.

Delta has truly made my college experience just that... an experience.  Because of Delta I have had the opportunity to marvel at the Statue of David, climb to the top of the Acropolis, and even walk on the Great Wall of China.  Delta has helped me to expand my mind both in and outside of the classroom.   Not only that, but the professors are truly phenomenal.  I have never met a group of people more dedicated to student success.

Students entering college within the business degree might overlook the Delta College Program as it only fulfills the College’s required liberal arts and science courses.  Although, this program provided me with the skills no other program could provide.  The close interaction between students and professors, along with the class model of presentations and essays has provided me with the skills necessary in any business profession.  Employers praise internships and study abroad experiences that are required in Delta and I graduated out of Delta confident in public speaking and with better writing and critical thinking skills that employers want to see.

Through the internships that Delta College requires, I learned more about educational technique and philosophy than I anticipated. The great opportunities allowed me to experience music education first hand. I learned more about my strengths by realizing how my unique musical talents and passion can be used together to inspire students. I learned more about my weaknesses by realizing the major adjustments that need to be made when teaching different levels of education. I relish those differences, and I enjoyed learning about them.

I want to especially thank you for your persistent guidance and engagement in my success as a student. You all have taught me the immeasurable ideals of history, literature, art and science, along with the indispensable necessity of having fun while learning.

Delta College students in China


In the Words of Faculty

“The Delta College Program (and its students and faculty) is unique, and not just in terms of being an interdisciplinary general education program.  It’s also how we explore what’s beyond our limited horizons. Our students and faculty are curious about the world around them, find connections between the seemingly unrelated, infuse creativity in whatever they do, and work together to find the best paths to the world beyond Brockport.

~Nancy Washer, Director, Delta College Program

“Our professors are as self-selecting as our students are; interdisciplinary team teaching relies on a rich and varied faculty. We glory in student development and work together to create a genuine learning community of diverse but connected students. Our students arrive as teenagers and leave as poised, polished, professional adults.”

  • ~Sandra Holinbaugh, Emeritus Director, Delta College Program

Delta is a great program for any student concerned about finding a career related job after graduation. As a former corporate recruiting manager, I can say that the professional skills woven through the curriculum and the internships provide a competitive edge to students who want to maximize the value of their college education. There are no guarantees, but the probability of obtaining your career or graduate school goals increases when you accept the delta challenge. I'm excited to be a part of this.

~Jim Georger, Advisement and Recruitment Coordinator, Delta College Program

“I was attracted to teach at Delta by the strong emphasis on work experience; that is, the blending of education and career as part of the college experience. There is a strong sense of community among Delta students, including a sense of ownership and empowerment in shaping their future careers.”

  • ~Wanda Wakefield, Professor

 “It is both rewarding and great fun — the students are exciting, diverse and have loads of personality; the faculty and staff also are exceptionally creative, unconventional and interesting.”

  • ~Kitty Hubbard, Professor

“The Delta approach emphasizes the need for students to become active participants in their own education so that they will have the confidence to continue that process where there is no longer a professor standing in front of the room.”

  • ~Mark Chadsey, Professor

“These young students have a serious attitude toward the life of the mind. They relate to one another as thoughtful students of important issues, they play off each other in a consistent intellectual manner, while at the same time maintaining that graciousness of behavior we all aspire to: that of gentle and educated humans. Theirs is a spirit of fun and lots of humor.”

  • ~Dr. Arden Bucholz, Keynote Speaker, The Delta College World Conference

“Delta College is a fascinating, unusual and effective program. The students seem unlike typical college students in that they both emotionally and intellectually able to be connected to college by the end of their freshman year....The focus on public performance makes possible a kind of intellectually exchange and development rarely achieved in more traditional classroom settings....It also pushes all of its students to achieve and excel.”

  • ~Dr. Alison Parker, Evaluator, The Delta College World Conference, and Chair, Department of History