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James Georger

What do you teach for Delta College?
Specifically, I teach the Integrative Learning Seminars. These courses focus on acquiring internships, exploring ethics and preparing students for their overseas experience.
James Georger

How long have you been with Delta/SUNY Brockport?
I have been with Delta since Spring 1997.

What is one of your favorite Delta moments?
I always enjoy the student productions at the Fall Symposium and World Conference. Beyond those, reading student reports from summer internships is particularly satisfying.

Why does every Delta teacher say "Trust Us"?
Because experiences that you have in Delta, which may seem so unlike the "school" experiences you've had thus far, will really mirror those you will experience in life. The ethical issues we discuss in class dealing with business, at some point may be "real" for you in the future.

How do Deltas differ from non-Deltas?
Delta students may have the benefit of closer relationships with peers and faculty. I think Deltas may be called upon for more creative and collaborative work, with less imposed structure.

Why did you choose to work for Delta?
The program encompasses my passion for providing students support in the career planning process. Delta allows me to work with students in a mentoring capacity, and use my business experience to help in a unique way.