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Kitty Hubbard

What do you teach for Delta College?
I teach Delta's Human Heritage and Aesthetics courses.

How long have you been with Delta/SUNY Brockport?
Full time with Delta since Spring 2000, with Brockport four years part time pre Delta.

Kitty Hubbard
What is one of your favorite Delta moments?
Last year two of my students Justin Heiman and Luke Pereira fought me every class about art. They didn't want anything to do with art, they didn't want to see art, and then at the end of the year they made a piece of art-a Mandela of the Twin Towers of 9-11. My other moment would have to be during the Italy trip - Jamie Sgambati, on the first night, came into my hotel room and threw the window open to a street festival below, I will always remember her for doing that.

Why does every Delta teacher say "Trust Us"?
Because you should… We know. We've been there. We'll help you through it.

How do Deltas differ from non-Deltas?
They just do! They are encouraged to be creative and critical. They benefit from being taught in a nurturing environment. They are encouraged and learn through fun. Being with the students from the beginning allows you to see things come together, and as the teacher, I definitely see a transition.

Why did you choose to work for Delta?
It is everything I feel strongly about. Delta crosses all boundaries, big on interdisciplinary and strong liberal arts. I'm an Artist teaching an Art History class!