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Ted Lewis

What do you teach for Delta College?
Scientific Exploration I and II.

How long have you been with Delta/SUNY Brockport?
I have been working full time at SUNY Brockport since 1982, and with Delta since 1996.

Ted Lewis

What is one of your favorite Delta moments?
Jen Gotie and Alexa Markle's Scientific Presentation to the 1999 World Conference. Their experiment was on the forensic designation of insects that inhabit dead organisms. They placed raw meat in the college woods so that insects would lay eggs in the rotting flesh. Only to have their 'experiment' stolen by various woodland creatures on a continuing basis even despite the Public Safety crime scene tape.

How do Deltas differ from non-Deltas?
The average Delta student is more focused than the comparable general population student. They are also insulated within their own little group, which is both good and bad.

Why does every Delta teacher say "Trust Us"?
Not me!

Why did you choose to work for Delta?
Better students and smaller class sizes. Plus the opportunity to teach using alternative methods to the lecture and regurgitate pedagogy.