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Wanda Wakefield

What do you teach for Delta College?
Society and Culture I and II, Integrative Learning Seminar I, II and III, Educational Mentor Tutorial

How long have you been with Delta/SUNY Brockport?
I started teaching full time at Brockport in the Fall of 1998 and
started teaching in Delta College in the Fall of 1999.

Wanda Wakefield

What is one of your favorite Delta moments?
My three favorite Delta moments:
- watching the play Deltopia during Fall Symposium in 2000
- the day Lina Agnello asked a really good question, "Why do we
complain if countries to whom we supply arms use them?"
- and, of course, learning all about Gum Arabic and its role in the
Sudanese economy.

Why does every Delta teacher say "Trust Us"?
Because we have to trust ourselves as well.

How do Deltas differ from non-Deltas?
Basically Deltas, even when they grow up close to Brockport, are
more cosmopolitan and curious about the world than are my students in History.

Why did you choose to work for Delta?
Because Delta offered me the opportunity to teach in a truly
collaborative environment, with self-selected students and small