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Brockport / Delta College / World Conference

World Conference: May 2, 2015

Topic: Delta--Indelible Impact

The World Conference is an annual event in the spring that showcases Delta College first- and second-year students' academic and creative talents. The day begins with the opening ceremonies, continues with first-year panel presentations, second-year oral presentations of scientific results and poster presentations on issues of national importance. Meanwhile all students display their creative talents in the Delta College Art Gallery and Mandala Temple. The day ends with the Delta Lounge Lizards Talent Show.


Opening Ceremonies:

The Deltones

 the deltones ceromony

Not-so Tibetan

Sand Mandala

 sand mandala

Delta Lounge

delta lounge lizards 

Delta College World Conferences Past
April 27, 1996
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Strayer
The Department of History
“History Books and Briefing Books”

Facing Future 
April 26, 1997
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Arden Bucholz
The Department of History
“A History Lesson”

Sacred Sand…Shifting Sand
May 2, 1998
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Paul Yu
President, SUNY College at Brockport
“Life, Death, Meaning, and All That”

Bridge over Troubled Water
April 24, 1999
Keynote Speaker: Dr. W. Raymond Duncan
Chair, Department of Political Science and
International Studies
“Russia, China and Brazil:  A Comparative Analysis”

War over Water
April 29, 2000
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Yu
President, SUNY College at Brockport
“Living in a Culturally Diverse World”

Substance and Sustainability  
April 28, 2001
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Ann Marie Rancourt
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Keene State College
“Dreams and Revolutions”

Wailing Walls: The Middle East and Modernization  
May 4, 2002
Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Emil Okanovic
Delta College Graduate 2000
“Crossing the Bridge of Expectations”

Children of Abraham  
May 3, 2003
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. John Daly
The Department of History
“Gandhi and Comparative Religion: 
 Unity and Conflict among Abraham’s Children”

Disunited Nations
May 1, 2004
Keynote Speaker: Dr. P. Michael Fox
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
“How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the
Center of aTootsie Roll Pop?”

The Politics of Food  
April 23, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Richard Fenton
Department of Business Administration and Economics
“From the Alternate College to Delta College:  
The More We Change, The More We Stay The Same”

Rebuilding Cities  
April 22, 2006
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Whitney Autin
Department of Earth Science
“Rebuilding of a City on the Edge - The Challenge for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina”

April 21, 2007
Keynote Speaker: Theodore Lewis
Department of Environmental Science and Biology and Delta College
“The Thing about Water”

The Geography of Power  
April 19, 2008
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Stephen Ullman
Department of Political Science and International Studies
“Messages of Encouragement from Your Eccentric SUNY Brockport Uncle”

April 18, 2009
Keynote Speaker: Theodore Lewis
Department of Environmental Science and Biology and Delta College
“Water: An Applied Perspective”

More Harm Than Good?
May 1, 2010
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Whitney J. Autin
Department of Earth Sciences
"More Harm Than Good?"

The Rights of People
May 1, 2011

A Tribute to Sandra Holinbaugh and Sue Lower

May 5, 2012

Keynote Speaker: John Osowski
"Landfill to Parking: Environmental Remediation is a Win-Win"

The Politics of Food
May 4, 2013

Keynote Speaker: Jan McDonald
"Growing a Healthy Urban Food System"

Circumpolar Politics
May 3, 2014

Keynote Speakers: Sandra Holinbaugh and Wanda Wakefield
"Thule: The Cold War in Greenland"

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