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Individual departments and organizations at SUNY College at Brockport are encouraged to create their own Web presence within the Official SUNY College at Brockport Web site. 

The first step in the process is to gain approval of your department head before requesting information. 

Once you're certain you have approval to continue, fill out the New Department Web Site Sign-up Form or contact the Web Manager at to request the necessary forms and information.

You should consult with as many people in your department as possible to be sure everyone will be content with the finished product. Once you've decided as a department what you'd like your Web site to include, you need to actually create the body of the pages. Browse other department pages on the SUNY College at Brockport site as well as other college and university sites to get some ideas. 

Creating the actual HTML documents:

     This can be the hard part. Many departments have opted for different methods of HTML creation. Some learn HTML and do the actual pages themselves, others contract with students or outside agencies, and still others learn an easy editing tool that enables them to design pages without learning HTML. Once the pages are completed they should be presented for approval to Karla Merrifield, director of Marketing Communications. 

Turning your pages into a site:

     Departmental Web sites exist on the main Web server in Administrative Computing. Each site or department is given a unique user account. To get your account set up, you need to complete the Web Account Request form included in your Information Packet. If you have not received this packet, please contact the Web Manager at or complete the New Department Web Site Sign-up Form.

    Once your pages have been received and approved, the account will then be created. The Web Manager will contact you with your account information and be on hand to help you get the site up and running and offer continued assistance.

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