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Brockport / Diversity Conference Archive / 2006

2006 Cultural Diversity Conference

March 2, 2006
Brockport, NY

About the Conference

Within Our Grasp: Building Community Through Diversity strives to be informative on issues of diversity while promoting open-mindedness, celebration of diversity, and acceptance of others on our college campuses and within our communities. The conference also serves as a forum in which to establish or enhance self-awareness in relation to community building endeavors.

2006 Theme: Rebuilding Communities

When Hurricane Katrina ripped the roof off New Orleans, the nation stopped in its tracks, riveted to images of the city’s primarily black and poor residents left to fend for themselves. Shocked by the abject poverty and terrible conditions suddenly visible to the entire world, voices cried out against the injustice of the situation. But those conditions—poverty, lack of opportunity, poor education and the violence they spawn—are nothing new.

Against this backdrop, this year's conference theme is "Rebuilding Communities." We will explore the similarities between New Orleans today and the civil unrest of 1964 in Rochester, NY. The historical perspective will be introduced by a screening of July '64, a feature documentary directed and edited by Carvin Eison.

Concluding the conference, Tukufu Zuberi will deliver the evening keynote address, Independence and Democracy in Africa. Zuberi is a leading sociologist studying African demography as well as methodological and ethical issues in social scientists’ approach to race.

See the Conference Schedule for more details.

For More Information

If you have any questions, you can contact:

Joel Frater
The College at Brockport
Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420
(585) 395-5338
Fax: (585) 395-5246


This conference would not have been possible without the dedication and support of many individuals and organizations, both on-campus and in the community, who volunteered their time and talents. A special thank you to the cultural Diversity Conference Committee Chair Joel Frater and to committee members: Carmen Aponte, J.J. Brice, Adrienne Collier, Virginia Campbell, Rebecca Christopher, Carvin Eison, Dale Hartnett, Eric Kaldor, Steve Lewis,Vanessa Martell, Betty Garcia Matthewson, Sheila Strong, Juanita Suárez, Barbara Thompson,Madeline Velázquez and Carrie Welch.


The Cultural Diversity Conference is sponsored by SUNY Brockport, the SUNY Brockport Recreation and Leisure Club, Rho Phi Lambda, the Brockport Student Government, and the American Democracy Project for Civic Engagement.

American Democracy Project