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Brockport / Diversity Conference Archive / 2006 / Speakers

Sixth Annual Cultural Diversity Conference
Within Our Grasp: Building
Community Through Diversity

Rebuilding Communities

Photo: Carvin EisonJuly ’64
Carvin Eison
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
SUNY College at Brockport

Carvin Eison is a two-time New York State Emmy® Award nominee for his documentary July ’64. He is currently working on his newest projects, both of which have grown out of his work on July ’64. The first, a 30-minute documentary/profile on Minister Franklin Florence and the FIGHT organization in Rochester, NY. This project again focuses on local and regional history. The second project, currently in preproduction, is Penumbra, in which Eison is exploring how lynching developed, thrived and eventually diminished in the US. Penumbra is a national project with the potential of becoming a feature narrative film.

Photo: Carvin Eison
Tukufu Zuberi
Lasry Family Professor of Race Relations,
University of Pennsylvania

Tukufu Zuberi is a leading sociologist studying African demography as well as methodological and ethical issues in social scientists’ approach to race. His books include Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: The Mortality Cost of Colonizing Liberia in the Nineteenth Century and Thicker Than Blood: How Racial Statistics Lie. He has recently co-edited The Demography of South Africa.
Dr. Zuberi regularly co-hosts PBS’s History Detectives program in which four researchers investigate artifacts and reveal details of the social history surrounding the objects.
Dr. Zuberi’s presentation, Independence and Democracy in Africa, is part of a book and documentary he is working on for PBS. For more information about Dr. Zuberi, visit