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Brockport / Diversity / Diversity Committee Charge

Diversity Committee Charge

I. Policy & Commitment

The College at Brockport, State University of New York College has committed itself to recruiting and supporting students, faculty and staff to ensure that we mirror, to the extent possible, the diversity that is evident in a global society and that equity prevails for all members of the College community. As a part of the College's commitment to diversity and student success, the Strategic Plan for Diversity was developed by the Diversity Committee to assess the progress of the College's diversity efforts.

One of the College's major goals is to embrace diversity and achieve a more inclusive community. The College's commitment to diversity is outlined in Goal 3 of the Matrix: An Integrated Approach to Planning and Accountability that guides the College. Diversity continues to be a central goal of the College.

The ultimate responsibility for demonstrating and leading the College's commitment to diversity is the President's. The responsibility for the oversight of diversity and equity at the College has been delegated to the Assistant Provost for Diversity (who reports directly to the Provost) with support from a Diversity Committee appointed by the President. At The College at Brockport, diversity is everyone's business.

II. Assistant Provost for Diversity

The Assistant Provost for Diversity is responsible for:

  • Communicating the College's commitment to diversity and equity to the College community;
  • Developing and monitoring the College's diversity plan;
  • Preparing and analyzing reports to monitor our success.

While the Assistant Provost for Diversity reports directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, this position works collaboratively with all divisions to ensure that the College's goal of embracing diversity and inclusion is realized.

III. Diversity Committee

To provide the Assistant Provost for Diversity with a representative advisory board, the President has appointed a Diversity Committee. The general responsibility of this committee, under the leadership of the Assistant Provost for Diversity, is to advise President's Cabinet and the campus on issues relating to diversity for faculty, staff, and students.

Specifically, the Diversity Committee's role shall be to:

  • Assist various units with the implementation of a Strategic Plan for Diversity, which was developed and approved in fall 2007.
  • Serve on ad hoc committees as needed to assist with implementation of the Strategic Plan for Diversity.
  • Assist with the development of the appropriate diversity assessment methodology process.
  • Monitor progress towards implementation of Strategic Plan for Diversity.
  • Provide oversight and planning for the annual Diversity Conference assuring systematic planning and use of base funding as provided.
  • Provide recommendation on diversity issues to President's Cabinet.
  • Design and attend diversity training utilizing consultants as needed.
  • Be diversity advocates in their respective units by promoting awareness of policies and support training (workshops, lectures, and seminars) on topics relating to diversity.

IV. Leadership

The Assistant Provost for Diversity will be the ex-officio, voting member of the Diversity Committee. The Presiding Chair shall be elected by the committee. The presiding chair will have a two-year term. The membership will also elect a recorder who will be responsible for all correspondence including preparation of meeting minutes and agendas.

The Presiding Chair shall:

  • Preside at all committee meetings;
  • Oversee the implementation of the policies of the committee;
  • Appoint ad hoc committees as needed;
  • Represent the committee as needed and fulfill such other duties as may from time to time be authorized by the committee.

V. Membership and Terms of Service

The Diversity Committee will have approximately 16-18 members. Following consultation with the Assistant Provost for Diversity, the President shall appoint the members for two-year terms. Membership will include:

  • Assistant Provost for Diversity (Ex-officio, voting member)
  • Affirmative Action Officer (Ex-officio)
  • Assistant to the President (Ex-officio)
    • 4-7 Faculty members:
    • 1-2 Department of Business & Economics
    • 1-2 School of Education & Human Services
    • 1-2 School of Health and Human Performance
    • 1-2 School of Science and Mathematics
    • 1-2 School of The Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 1 College Senate President, Past-president or President-elect or designee
  • Members from each Division
    • Administration and Finance
    • 1 Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
    • 1 Advancement
  • Admissions Office employee
  • REOC employee
  • Graduate student
  • Undergraduate student

VI. Meetings

The committee shall meet at least four times each semester, optimally in the following months - September, October, November, December in the fall and February, March and April, May in the spring.

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