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Brockport / Ed Admin / Faculty


Full-time Faculty 

Name Contact Information

Jeff Linn, PhD 

(585) 395-5804 (college office)

James Tobin, EdD

(585) 395-5803 (college office)

Steven Ayers, EdD, SBA
Assistant Professor

(585)-395-2661 (college office)

Carol Godsave, CAS
Faculty Emerti

(585) 395-5512 (college office)

Robin Schepler
Administrative Assistant

(585) 395-2661 (college office)

Adjunct Faculty

In addition to the full-time faculty listed above, the department employs 5-10 adjunct faculty each semester. The majority of the EDA adjunct faculty are either currently practicing or recently retired administrators in the Greater Rochester. 

Current adjuncts include;

  • Mr. Kevin Austin
  • Mr. Louis Alaimo
  • Ms. Michelle Barno
  • Dr. George Batterson
  • Mr. Ronald Mendrick
  • Ms. Nina McCarthy
  • Mr. Michael Crumb
  • Ms. Heather Donnelly
  • Ms. Brenda Pacheco-Rivera
  • Ms. Jennifer Sinsebox
  • Ms. Lynda VanCoske

Contact Us

The Department of Educational Administration is located in Room L29 of the MetroCenter.

Mailing Address Department of Educational Administration
The College at Brockport, State University of New York
55 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14604.
Phone (585) 395-2661
Fax (585) 395-5517


Last Updated 7/21/15