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Brockport / Ed Admin / Faculty


The Department of Educational Administration is located in Room L20 of the Metro Center. Our mailing address is: Department of Educational Administration, The College at Brockport (SUNY), L20 Metro Center, 55 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14604. The department phone number is 585-395-2661 and the department fax number is 585-395-5517.

Name Contact Information

Carol T. Godsave, CAS
Acting Chair

(585) 395-5512 (college office)

James Tobin, EdD
Assistant Professor

(585) 395-5803 (college office)

Steven Ayers, EdD, SBA
Assistant Professor

(585)-395-2661 (college office)

Jeffrey Linn, PhD
Associate Professor

(585) 395-5804 (college office)

Robin Schepler
Administrative Assistant

(585) 395-2661 (college office)


In addition to the full-time faculty listed above, the department employs 5-10 adjunct faculty each semester. The majority of the EDA adjunct faculty are either currently practicing or recently retired administrators in the greater Rochester area. 

  • Mr. Kevin Austin
  • Ms. Mary Balme
  • Ms. Michelle Barno
  • Dr. George Batterson
  • Mr. Edward Cavalier
  • Mr. Donald Covell
  • Mr. Michael Crumb
  • Mr. Adam Geist
  • Dr. Ralph Kerr
  • Dr. Greg Macaluso
  • Mr. William MacKenzie
  • Ms. Jennifer Sinsebox
  • Mr. Mark Turner
  • Mr. Gary Valenti
  • Ms. Lynda VanCoske

The adjunct faculty bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and integrity to the program. Many referrals of prospective students are based on recommendations by the adjunct faculty members in the department.

Last Updated 2/9/15