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Brockport / Counselor Ed / Current Students / Requirements

Program Requirements

A maximum of nine credits will be permitted for transfer to the degree program and only three credits to the CAS. These credits may not be more than five years old.

Credit for courses taken before matriculation may be given if a grade of "B" or higher has been earned and if the courses have been taken during the preceding five years. Such retroactive credit should not exceed more than six credits. It is strongly recommended that a student complete only EDC 501, 502 or 503 before matriculation.

No students shall be permitted to enroll in EDC 722, 723 or 724 unless they have successfully completed all of the prerequisites. Any student with an incomplete grade in any of the prerequisite courses must remove the incomplete grade prior to enrolling in EDC 722, 723 or 724.

All required courses and competencies for required courses must be passed at a "B" level or higher.

Students who are deemed as not making reasonable progress toward the degree, as defined by published departmental policy, may be dismissed from the program. Any matriculated student who fails to maintain a 3.0 GPA higher in his/her program has one semester in which to raise his/her GPA to 3.0 or be dismissed from the program.

Last Updated 2/18/11