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Certificate of Advanced Studies in School Counseling – Online/Hybrid

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in School Counseling – Online/Hybrid program can be tailored to the needs and interests of the student and can thus be 12 credits online, or 6-credits online and 6-credits in classroom instruction.

The purpose of this program is to develop the practicing school counselor’s advanced skills in diagnosis, consultation and family systems counseling. Students applying for this program must have successfully completed an MS degree in School Counseling in order to be eligible for the CAS in School Counseling. The core of this program develops the student’s skills in diagnosis and in systems approaches to counseling. Students then choose 2 additional elective courses. The elective courses include two online courses (allowing students to create a completely online program) and three classroom practicum courses (that allow students to develop additional hands on skills in the classroom if they so wish).


Curriculum (online or hybrid option)

Online Core Courses

3   EDC 613: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

3   EDC 690: Couples and Family Counseling


Choose 2 of the following elective courses:

Online elective courses:

3   EDC 692: Spirituality in the Counseling Process                                                             (Combined online: Synchronous and asynchronous - the whole course is online)

3   EDC 883: Counselor as Systems Consultant


Classroom elective courses:

3   EDC 693: Secondary School Counseling

3   EDC 691: Use of Expressive Arts in Counseling

3   EDC 695: Child Centered Play Therapy


Total Hrs: 12 hrs

Course Descriptions as appearing in the College Catalog:

EDC 613 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling (B). Provides students with theoretical understanding and practical applications of diagnosis and treatment planning in mental health. Theoretical considerations include: concept of mental health, etiology of psychopathology, and cultural understandings of mental health and illness. Practical applications include conducting assessments, case conceptualization, diagnosis, treatment planning, and caseload management. Also covered are working with managed care, using medical and biopsychosocial assessment models, psychopharmacology, and treatment outcomes. 3 Cr.

EDC 690 Couples and Family Counseling (B). Enhances the student’s knowledge and skillsin couples and family counseling. Provides anopportunity for exposure to summary theoriesin couples and marriage counseling and forsupervised experience. 3 Cr.

EDC 691 Use of Expressive Arts in Counseling (B). Uses art, music, poetry, movement and dramato help clients identify and express thoughts andfeelings, and gain new insight into the client’sconcerns. A research-based practice, it is usedin many settings, such as schools, hospitals andagencies. An experiential class which teachesthe skills of facilitating the arts in counselingindividuals and groups of all ages. 3 Cr.

EDC 692 Spirituality in the Counseling Process (B). Assists counselors and other helpingprofessionals to understand one’s own spiritualityso as to recognize and intervene in issues ofspirituality requested by the client. Addresseswellness, meaning, hope, faith, forgivenessand other dimensions of spirituality throughdiscussion, experiential activities, reading, guestspeakers and other learning modalities. 3 Cr.

EDC 693 Counseling in Secondary Schools (B). Provides knowledge and skills to performsecondary school counseling responsibilities withconfidence. Includes ways to creatively resolvestudent issues through practical applications of the presented material. 3 Cr.

EDC 695 Child-centered Play Therapy in School and Agency Settings (A). Covers thehistory and theoretical background of playtherapy, and focuses on the use of Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) as an effective method for helping children overcome a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems. Employs lecture, discussion, videotapes and participant role plays of mock play sessions to help students gain skills necessary to build therapeutic relationships with children. 3 Cr.

EDC 883 Counselor as Systems Consultant (B). Prerequisite: EDC 501 or 502 or 503; EDC 728; and permission of instructor. Focuses on developingstudents’ awareness of their role as consultants inschool settings. Exposes students to consultationtheory and models of consulting with teachers,students, and parents/families utilizing bothindividual and group methods. Case examples are examined. 3 Cr.


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