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Program Purposes, Philosophy, and Objectives

Purposes and Philosophy

This program seeks to prepare excellent counselors who choose an emphasis for special preparation in college, mental health or school settings. Such counselors possess knowledge of human behavior and social systems, counseling and communication skills, self-awareness, and respect for human dignity and diversity. As a result, they are able to integrate this knowledge, skill and attitude with their personhood. This combined emphasis on skill development, theory and utilization of self produces counselors who function effectively in a variety of helping settings and who have a positive impact on the individuals, agencies, institutions and/or communities in which they work.

The philosophy of the program emphasizes the personhood of the counselor and utilization of self as the most important instruments in effecting therapeutic and systemic change. Thus, classroom instruction combines experiential (self) and didactic learning to create  opportunities for students to acquire and demonstrate theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and understanding and utilization of self necessary to be effective counselors. Further, the program exposes students to multiple theoretical orientations. Finally, students are expected to learn how to learn, by acquiring the skills necessary to continue personal growth and professional development while in the program and after the completion of their formal education.

Program Objectives

Students realize the above statement of purposes and philosophical beliefs through successful
achievement of the following objectives. At the completion of the MSEd in Counseling and the MS in Mental Health Counseling programs, students will be able to: 

  • Objective I: Develop Self Awareness and Understanding
  • Objective II: Develop a Scholar/Practitioner Identity
  • Objective III: Become a Competent Professional Counselor

 Download the Detailed Program Objectives.


Last Updated 5/20/15