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Brockport / Counselor Ed / Step-By-Step

Step-By-Step Application Process


General Timeline

Fall Admission

Spring Admission

      1.     Apply to Masters (Ms & MSeD) Programs*

February 1st *

September 1st *

      2.     Online Audio-Tape Session **



      3.     Group Interview ***



      4.     Register for Classes



      5.     Begin Program



      6.     New Student Orientation



 These deadlines are firm.

 ** You will receive instructions after your application has been processed

 *** Only selected participants will be invited to attend  

 Admission Requirements and Student Selection

There is no single factor or test score to determine student admissions to the Master of Science in Education or the Master of Science programs; however, a bachelor’s degree is required. Data used to reach an admissions decision include: (1) a graduate application with the student’s application essay, (2) all undergraduate and graduate transcripts and (3) three letters of recommendation (former employer, a professor and a character reference). The interview process involves two steps. First, all applicants who submit a completed application will be invited to an online session at which they will provide responses to audiorecorded client vignettes. Then department faculty review candidates’ application materials (numbers 1, 2, and 3 above) and their level of facilitativeness score derived from their responses to the client vignettes. Second, selected applicants are invited to a group interview that involves all Counselor Education faculty and approximately eight to 12 applicants. This interview assesses sensitivity, oral/verbal ability, communication skills (including feedback), self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Additionally, applicants are asked to provide a spontaneous writing sample at this interview.  After collecting these data, the Counselor Education faculty discusses all information on each applicant. The decision to accept or reject lies wholly within the jurisdiction of the department.


When your application materials are completed and if you are selected, we will notify you of the time and place of the second step in the interview process. Please visit the The Graduate School website for information on application deadlines. It is your responsibility to contact the Office of Graduate Admissions concerning which matriculation materials have been received or are missing.  Please allow a reasonable time for your materials to reach our office and to be filed.

Note: The department actively recruits and seeks to admit to the department students representing a multicultural and diverse society. We encourage applicants to submit their materials as early as possible.   


Last Updated 2/20/15