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School of Education and Human Services

The College at Brockport’s School of Education and Human Services is home to six academic departments that prepare students for various professional careers in the fields of education and human services.

Our graduates advance to careers in education, public administration, criminal justice, counseling, and social work. Every day, as they practice their professions, our alumni make decisions and take actions that change the lives of those they are committed to serve. In the course of their professions, they often become leaders in their communities — throughout Greater Rochester, across the state and nation, and around the globe.

Our programs — post graduate, graduate and undergraduate — work with their students to develop critical and creative thinking skills, an understanding of global interdependence and cultural diversity, the ability to work with others within their fields and across disciplines, and a commitment to the ethics and standards of their professions. The high quality of these programs is demonstrated as they meet rigorous standards for their national accreditations, considered in higher education the “gold standard” by which these programs are evaluated.

The dedicated faculty of the School of Education and Human Services is
committed to meeting the College’s overarching goal of promoting the student success through up-to-date programs of instruction, opportunities to participate in important research projects, and engaging in service to the greater community.

Our commitment to offering quality learning opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, and post master’s levels does not end when a class session is over. Each program is grounded in current theory and built on a foundation of substantial content that leads students to mastery in their discipline and then extends this learning with opportunities to apply knowledge and skill to real-world experiences. Our faculty members involve students in active learning through a variety of teaching strategies.

Students enrolled in our programs enjoy experiences-while-learning opportunities that take them to organizations and institutions right next door or as far away as Australia, Ireland, or just about anywhere in the world. Their opportunities for internships and clinical and student teaching placements give them a head start on their careers even before graduation.  

Students will find the faculty and staff in the School of Education and Human Services strongly committed to helping them succeed in meeting their academic and career goals.


Last Updated 9/15/15