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Employee Fitness Program

Exercise Mentor working with client

The Employee Fitness Program is an opportunity for current or retired employees and their spouses or significant others as well as alumni of The College at Brockport to have their own place to exercise. The program matches each member with an exercise mentor who will provide a personalized exercise program to meet each members individual health and fitness needs.

Exercise mentors are students currently in the Exercise Science Major taking PEP 455 Practicum for Exercise Programming. The Employee Fitness Program is a key component of their practicum experience. The students have been preparing throughout their time at The College of Brockport to work in a health and fitness profession and the Employee Fitness Program provides the Exercise Science students with real world experience before their graduation. The primary job of an exercise mentor is to screen, assess, prescribe, and monitor the exercise of the participants in the program.

Program Assessments

As a new member of the program each person is expected to answer a health history questionnaire and undergo the following assessments (outlined below) which will provide the exercise mentor pertinent information needed to develop individualized exercise programs. If there is an assessment you are not comfortable with we can cater to your needs, however to ensure that a proper exercise prescription can be developed we would appreciate members to at least participate in the cardiovascular, blood pressure, and  muscular fitness assessments.

  • Cardiovascular Assessment - tailored to your specific needs (treadmill, bicycle, arm ergometer, etc)
  • Blood Pressure Assessment - just like at the doctors office but we will take the measurement during exercise as well
  • Body Composition Assessment - waist to hip circumference measures, skinfold measures and bioelectrical impedance to assess body size and percent body fat
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance Assessment - estimating your strength by performing a couple different resistance training exercises
  • Cholesterol Assessment  - a finger prick will provide you the following cholesterol values - High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (good cholesterol), Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (bad cholesterol), Triglycerides, and Total Cholesterol

All exercise mentors will use The American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription as they prescribe exercise.

As part of the program, each member will be stratified as being low, moderate, or high risk for exercise participation based on age, gender, past and present health history, and health assessment information. Our program follows the American College of Sports Medicine’s risk factor assessment algorithm for exercise participation. Because of the risks associated with exercise participation, some participants will require physician’s approval before exercising in our facility. We have a form to fax to your physician for approval if necessary or you can take the Physician Clearance Form on our website to your physician.

As a participant in the program you will undergo all assessments upon joining except for the blood analysis. This assessment will occur only once per year at a designated time. Your Exercise Mentor will provide you with all of your results with an explanation of them within approximately one week after the assessments have been completed. We can provide copies of your information to your health care providers if you would like.

Participant Expectations

As a part of the program, it is expected that participants exercise in our facility at least 2 times per week. This is beneficial for you as well as ensures that the facility is being used.

Program Hours

The Employee Fitness Program is open Monday-Friday and closed when the College is officially closed. The program will be open:

6:30 - 8am MWF
6:30-8:30am T/Th
11:30am - 1:30pm M-F
3:30-7pm  M-TH
3:30-6pm F


The program will be held in Tuttle North C-204 across from the Ice Hockey Rink. To get to the gym you can either walk over from the SERC house of fields or the Kinetic Cafe. There is a hallway that will take you to the entrance the Tuttle North C-204 space. You must go walk through a set of doors that will lead you into Tuttle North. The gym will be on your right.
Circuit Training Equipment
Free Weight Equipment

Employee Fitness Program Costs

The program is FREE of cost to all current and retired College employees and alumni.

Participant Sign-up:

Please have each individual sign up separately.

Please complete the Health History Questionnaire and bring to your first appointment.

Contact Information

Elizabeth Lenz, PhD
Director of the Employee Fitness Program

Exercise Mentor working with client

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