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Brockport / EHD / People / Dr. Christine Murray

Dr. Christine Murray


cmurrayOffice:  270 Albert W. Brown Building
Phone:  (585) 395-5468


PhD, Syracuse University
MS, Syracuse University
BA, Kalamazoo College

Area(s) of specialty:

Teacher Professionalization, Educational Reform Policy, Teacher education

Research interest(s):

Teacher Evaluation, Student teaching performance assessment


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Murray, C. E. (2004). Innovative Local Teacher Unions: What Have They Accomplished? In R. D. Henderson, W. J. Urban, and P. Wolman (Eds.). Teacher Unions and Education Policy: Retrenchment or Reform? (pp. 149-166), Elsevier Ltd.

Grant, G., & Murray, C. E. (2002). Teaching in America: The Slow Revolution. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

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