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Brockport / EHD / People / Dr. Mary E. Corey

Dr. Mary E. Corey

Assistant Professor

Office:  281 Albert W. Brown Buildingmcorey
Phone:  (585) 395-5053


PhD, University of Rochester
MA, University of Rochester
BS, SUNY Brockport

Area(s) of specialty:

Social Studies Education, American History, Local History, and Civil Rights


Corey, M. (forthcoming). Before Jackie: The Negro Leagues, Civil Rights, and the American Dream: A History of Creative Resistance. New York: Paramount Press.

Harnischfeger, M., & Corey, M. (2010). “Cap, Jackie, and Ted: The rise and fall of Jim Crow baseball.” The OAH Magazine of History, 24 (2), 29-36.

Corey, M. (2008). Editor & Writer: Education Section of Brockport Community Museum: A Museum without Walls.

“Buried History: Tales from Brockport’s Cemeteries,” forthcoming.

“Finding Local Heroes, Brockport and the Vietnam War,” forthcoming.

“Hometown History, Industry, Agriculture, and Transportation in Brockport, NY,” May, 2009.

“Hometown Heroes, Teaching with Historic Markers: Frances Barrier Williams,” July, 2008.

Corey, M. (2003). “Matilda Joslyn Gage: A nineteenth century women’s rights historian looks at witchcraft.” The OAH Magazine of History, 17(4), 51-53, 59.

Corey, M. (2004). “Matilda Joslyn Gage: Woman Suffrage Historian,” Encyclopedia of American Social Movements.

Corey, M. (2003/2008). SUNY Brockport, Social Studies Program Design and Documentation submitted and accepted by the National Council for the Social Studies as part of the unit’s NCATE Accreditation, 2003. Reaccredited, September, 2008.

Corey, M. (2003/2004/2005). Reconstruction to the Great Depression, Textbook, National PASS Center for Migrant Education, 2003. Final revisions, 2004. Spanish edition, 2005.

Corey, M. (2002). Review: Sylvia Hoffert’s, When Hens Crow: The Women’s Rights Movement in Antebellum America, published by

Corey, M. (2001). “Matilda Joslyn Gage, Woman Suffrage Historian,” the Journal of the New York State Archives, New York Archives.


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