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Summer 2014 Graduate Internship Testimonials

Brycen Waters, University of Connecticut

The College at Brockport provided me with an internship experience that was truly one of a kind. Working with The Office of Student Retention provided me with a unique perspective on how offices, not traditionally part of the student affairs realm make great contributions to overall student success. For the first time in my graduate school career I could really see myself being developed into a professional student affairs practitioner. Leaving my internship in July, I felt eager to begin the job search; something I was originally very nervous about, and felt ready for the year ahead. This internship really helped me to establish a professional identity that I am proud of. I was privileged to work with an excellent staff and exceptional student leaders who really care about The College at Brockport and truly value your input. I was challenged to think critically about my supervision style, apply different theories of student and leadership development, and analyze where I see myself going in the field of higher education and student affairs. In addition, I made some great life-long friends along the way. I thoroughly recommend this internship to any and all that are interested! Trust me when I say this is so much more than just another internship.


Mary Olk, Ball State University

My summer internship at The College at Brockport was definitely a learning experience for me personally and professionally. I completed my internship in Community Development, and had the opportunity to work with students during the summer orientation sessions (my favorite part :)), myBrockport, student organization resources, social media, graphic design, etc! The best part about this experience was how willing the Community Development staff was in making sure I gained experiences that were going to help me beyond Brockport. Additionally, I was able to use my skill set to complete projects for the department, so it blossomed into a beautiful experience and relationship. The ComDev staff welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like a member of their family, and it was really great to work in such a positive environment. Brockport also offered us professional development opportunities each week, but we also attended two different regional conferences. This was a great aspect to the program - there was always something to take away from the sessions! The cohort experience is what made this program unique. It was nice to have a group of people to explore with and have fun with outside of work. I even made some life-long best friends. In all, this experience was great for me. I am so glad I took the leap from Indiana to New York for the summer. I was able to build relationships, learn new skills, gain new perspectives, and feel like a valued member of the Brockport campus community. If you're looking for a valuable summer internship experience, Brockport is the place to be!


Virginia Downing, UNIVERSITY OF Nebraska-Lincoln

The 2014 EMSA Summer Internship at The College at Brockport​ was an experience I always wanted out of an internship. During my time as the intern for the Leadership Development Program, I was able to gain experience in assessment, curriculum development and so much more. One of the greatest benefits of the internship was that I did not feel like an intern, I felt like part of the Brockport family and was able to take the lead on a variety of projects throughout the summer. The EMSA Summer Internship provided me with an opportunity to grow in areas I wanted to seek growth in by attending professional development sessions once a week and working with my supervisor to make sure I felt I was maximizing my experience. Not only did I get to grow professionally, I also grew personally thanks to the amazing people I got to work with and meet during my time at Brockport. The relationships and skills I learned this summer will never leave me, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Brockport EMSA family. ​I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to be surrounded by passionate student affairs professionals. (p.s. If you love groundhogs, deer, and other cute furry friends on your campus, Brockport is the place to be!)


Ting-Han Chang, Vanderbilt UNIVERSITY

Being a summer graduate intern for the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities, I’ve acquired better effective communication and professional working skills in higher education administration setting. I was also able to explore various diversity initiatives promoted in the residential curriculum, with a chance to develop proposals for the diversity training programs for RAs/RDs.

The working experience also provided me a closer insight of the institution, its organizational structure as well as its operation within the SUNY system. It was impressive for me to learn about the dedication and effective collaborations among offices and departments in achieving the College mission to foster a better learning environment for all students, especially when I came from another institution that identifies a different mission and interpretation of student success.

My internship experience was enhanced from more than the office work. The College offered a series of weekly professional development trainings for the graduate interns, which provided us a great chance to both learn and share with each other. Being with a cohort who were passionate about becoming higher education professional also provided an enriching experience to me. All the aforementioned experiences have certainly prepare me in developing well-rounded knowledge and professional attitudes for my future academic and career aspirations.


Lauren Langford, Penn State UNIVERSITY

My 2014 summer internship at Brockport remains one of the best experiences I have had in graduate school.  From the interview process to my final day, everyone at Brockport was so supportive and open to helping me develop my skills and interests.  Not a day went by that I was not challenged, supported, and reminded why I chose this field.  The professional development sessions provided a unique time for the group to bond and share our experiences, knowledge, and engage with the facilitators.  Not only was the cohort model effective in creating lasting professional bonds, but the friendships I made impacted my experience in extremely positive ways.  In every way possible, the wonderful people at Brockport ensured my experience was one that I could take with me on my future journeys.