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Summer 2015 Graduate Internship Testimonials

Matt Lumpp, Ohio University

This past summer, I had the pleasure of working in the Office of Student Retention and primarily oversaw the Summer Orientation experience for Parents and Guests. This internship afforded me a number of wonderful opportunities: the chance to supervise a large student staff, ability to work directly with students, parents, and guests during an orientation program, as well as the ability to challenge my creativity and leadership skills. After this internship, I feel very energized for the final year of my graduate program as well as prepare for life as a full-time student affairs practitioner. Furthermore, SUNY Brockport provided excellent living and dining accommodations that also allowed access to the amazing Rec Center! I highly recommend this internship or any of the other wonderful internships that this institution provides. 


Carley Steig, University of St. Thomas

My experience at the College at Brockport was rewarding, both professionally and personally. The staff at the institution is more than willing to get to know you, provide valuable experiences, and help you determine and achieve your goals. As a part of the Community Development department, I was able to connect directly with students and parents during orientation to represent our office and Saturday of Service, a day-long service event for incoming students. I also enjoyed having a cohort model for my summer experience. In just eight weeks, I was able to make connections with my fellow interns that will last throughout my career and lifetime. The location of the college allowed us to easily travel to Canada and New York City for unforgettable weekend trips, in addition to enjoying the small town of Brockport during the week. I recommend this experience for anyone who is looking to make new connections, reflect on their place within student affairs, and enjoy a summer on the east coast.


Huong Nguyen, University of Connecticut

This summer I had the privilege of interning in the Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program (E.O.P.) office. Words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to work with the staff, faculty, and students associated with the program. I came into the EMSA internship with a lack of direction in the functional area that I would want to pursue after graduation. After leaving the internship, I am ecstatic to say that I have found my niche in Student Affairs that combines my interest in educational accessibility and persistence, assessment, and student engagement. I had the opportunity to be an E.O.P. counselor for 9 incoming first-year students by advising students in areas such as financial aid, academics, and college expectations. Moreover, I shared my EMSA experience with 6 other interns from universities across the country. I appreciated our conversations around identity, contemporary issues, and life in general. My experience was incredibly rewarding, and I encourage graduate students to apply!