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Summer Graduate Internship Opportunities

Below are descriptions of the 8-week summer graduate opportunities offered at The College at Brockport. To apply go to As part of the application, candidates will also need to upload a resume, a cover letter which includes a rank order of the three positions that interest you most and an explanation of why you chose that rank, and three professional references by January 3, 2016. Position offers will be made by January 31.


Community Development

The Office of Community Development seeks to prepare students to be civic minded leaders who possess the knowledge, skills and values to engage fully in their communities. To accomplish this, we offer the Leadership Development Program, a co-curricular certificate program based on the social change model, organize community service opportunities for students, facilitate events that promote democratic engagement, such as the Brock the Vote campaign, and enhance the college's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion through deliberative dialogue series.

Responsibilities for the Summer Intern (including but not limited to):

  • Examine and analyze assessment data from the 2015-2016 academic year along with research and best practices in the field related to civic engagement with an emphasis on program improvement
  • Representing the department through interactions with student and family members, particularly during Summer Orientation
  • Developing and plan programs and curriculum to be implemented during the 2016-2017 academic year, including leadership workshops, voter engagement, community conversations about topics of equity, diversity and inclusion, etc.

For more information about the office, visit


Office of STUDENT RETENTION/Summer Orientation

The Office of Student Retention provides support for students throughout their entire life cycle at the College. The first year experience coordinator is responsible for the summer orientation program as well as the overall academic support of our first year students. The intern will be working with the Freshman Summer Orientation program which brings about 950 students and 500 guests onto campus throughout the month of July. This position will primarily focus on the planning and implementation of student staff training, parent programs, late night events, and our social media presence.

Responsibilities for the Summer Intern (including but not limited to):

  • Serve as a role model and mentor for our Team Leads, Orientation Leaders, and students
  • Assist in the development and implementation of student staff training
  • Coordinate family registration and organize check in procedures
  • Develop close working relationships with campus partners to ensure collaboration in planning and throughout the summer
  • Exhibit skills such as flexibility, quality customer service, ability to multitask, and overall positivity throughout the long and sometimes hot days of the program.

For more information about Summer Orientation, visit


Prevention and Outreach Services

Prevention and Outreach Services provides The College at Brockport with services, programs, and interventions that address the biological, psychological, and social factors that impact the health of individuals, students groups, and the campus community. Evidence and theory based practices are used to assist students in developing and maintaining healthy behaviors, skills, and attitudes that enhance personal development, academic success, and campus/community well-being. Ultimately, Prevention and Outreach Services staff strive to create an environment where the healthiest decision is the easiest decision!

Responsibilities for the Summer Intern (including but not limited to):

  • Developing and implementing programs related to building a campus culture of respect on topics including healthy relationships, sexual assault prevention, relationship violence prevention, rape culture, campus safety, stalking prevention and bystander intervention (EagleCHECK).
  • Assist in the planning, implementation, and assessment of College Life Live.
  • Attending all College Life Live Presentations (during the month of July).
  • Assist with information tables at the information fair during New Student Summer Orientation.
  • Creating violence and sexual assault prevention print marketing and media.

For more information about Prevention and Outreach Services, visit


Undergraduate Admissions

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is committed to recruit, advise, select, and enroll an entering class of the highest academic quality, the appropriate size and diversification, and of the appropriate academic and professional aspirations. The office is committed to promoting and integrating professional development for all staff, and developing and maintaining an office environment that fosters teamwork, individual creativity, and quality customer service.

Responsibilities for the Summer Intern (including but not limited to):

  • Become proficient in utilizing CRM technology in student recruitment.
  • Work closely with Transfer and Freshman Coordinators in learning the admission processes for each population.
  • Complete basic freshman and transfer transcript evaluation and application review.
  • Represent the department by presenting at information sessions to campus visitors and their families.

For more information about Undergraduate Admissions, visit



The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities supports the College at Brockport’s mission by developing safe, including and vibrant communities that value academic excellence and overall student development. The office provides opportunities for student involvement through a purposeful residential curriculum which includes educational programming and a variety of Living Learning Communities for all residential students.

Responsibilities for the Summer Intern (including but not limited to):

  • Represent the department at summer orientations through tabling and key events to discuss on-campus housing options and promote the Living Learning Communities.
  • Examine and analyze assessment data from the 2015-2016 academic year, review professional best practices and make appropriate suggestions for improvement.
  • Develop and plan programs to enhance current efforts to meet desired learning outcomes for residents. This may include reviewing and creating pre-planned programs for residential curriculum, assisting with move – in preparations and/or the creation of a residence hall association.
  • Additional projects and opportunities may be available based on personal interested in specific areas related to housing occupancy, student conduct, facilities/budget management, living learning communities and duty participation.

For more information about Residential Life/Learning Communities, visit



Student Union & Activities' mission is to collaborate with students, staff, faculty and the community in creating, supporting and implementing diverse programs and services to enrich the personal growth and development of the campus community through active learning and engagement. The office partners with student leaders to organize and produce recreational, social, cultural and educational programs for students. Areas of responsibility include building operations for the Seymour College Union; event management; programming; off-campus student services; student organization development; administration of the myBROCKPORT (CollegiateLink) system; management of 89.1 The Point (campus radio station); and coordination of Welcome Week, Senior Week and Homecoming Weekend.

Responsibilities for the Summer Intern (including but not limited to):

  • Representing the office during Summer Orientation sessions promoting use of myBROCKPORT (CollegiateLink), off-campus student services, programming, and student organizations.
  • Coordinating and supervising the team of student volunteers to assist with Summer Orientation information sessions and Late Night program
  • Conducting and analyzing research on national best practices related to off-campus student services.
  • Participating in the daily operations of the office.

For more information about the Educational Opportunity Program, visit



Dependent upon funding. Position description forthcoming.

For more information about Career Services, visit

Enrollment Management/Student Affairs interns should have an interest in the educational potential of the co-curricular experience, intentional programming, comprehensive approaches to education outside the classroom, and background knowledge or interest in assessment. Interns should exhibit a positive attitude, innovation, self-motivation and eagerness to learn about current institutional and national trends and initiatives. Individuals with creativity and ability to work independently are highly encouraged to apply.

Questions about the program or any of the positions listed above can be emailed to