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Summer Graduate Internship Opportunities

Below are descriptions of the 8-week summer graduate opportunities offered at The College at Brockport. To apply go to As part of the application, candidates will also need to upload a resume, a cover letter which includes a rank order of the three positions that interest you most and an explanation of why you chose that rank, and three professional references by January 8, 2014. Position offers will be made by January 31.


Community Development

The Office of Community Development is seeking a graduate intern who will assist and be responsible for:

  • Developing a comprehensive Student Employee Training Model for departmental employees by establishing student learning outcomes and an assessment plan
  • Representing the department throughout the Summer Orientation program with a focus on promoting myBROCKPORT, off-campus student services, and Saturday of Service registration
  • Developing resources related to student organization leaders, community service and off-campus student services

For more information about the office, visit


Office of STUDENT RETENTION/Summer orientation

The Office of Student Retention is seeking a graduate intern who will assist and be responsible for:

  • Supporting summer orientation programs
  • Assisting with training and supervising Orientation Student Advisor staff
  • Attending pre and post meetings for each Summer Orientation Session
  • Developing training programs for student Peer Mentors
  • Developing an assessment plan to include learning outcomes, tool/instrument design, and plan for data analysis
  • Learning about and supporting the overall functions of the Office of Student Retention

For more information about Student Retention and Summer Orientation, visit and


prevention and outreach services

Prevention and Outreach Services strives to create a healthy and safe environment at The College at Brockport through a variety of evidence and theory-based strategies that engage and empower students to create positive social change in relation to high-risk drinking and substance use, gender-based violence, mental health, sexual responsibility, and disease prevention. The EMSA Summer Intern for Prevention and Outreach Services will support these efforts by:

  • Developing, implementing, and assessing prevention programming at Summer Orientation, including a peer theater program, late-night, alcohol-free programs, and information sessions
  • Assisting in the development of peer education training for Fall 2014
  • Providing direction and leadership to the development and coordination of one or more programming areas for Fall 2014
  • Interpreting assessment results and campus climate data to enhance current programs and make recommendations for new, needs-based prevention initiatives
  • Assisting in continued efforts to infuse social justice principles and education into health-related programs and services
  • Participating in staff meetings, retreats, and planning meetings

For more information about Prevention and Outreach Services, visit


undergraduate admissions

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is seeking a summer graduate intern who will:

  • Work collaboratively with the Office of Alumni Relations in the planning and coordination of the Summer Send-Off Receptions
  • Learn about and support the overall functions of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, which includes but is not limited to meeting with families, students participating in on-campus group visits, responding to email and phone call inquiries
  • Present at information sessions to campus visitors, participate in Advisor on Duty (AOD) rotation
  • Work closely with Transfer and Freshman Coordinators in learning the admission processes for each population
  • Be trained to participate in Transfer Fridays as well as be Transfer Advisor on Duty
  • Complete basic freshman and transfer transcript evaluation
  • Accompany member on transfer team to Advisor In Residence program at MCC
  • Review incomplete transfer files and provide follow-up where necessary
  • Meet with prospective students and their families to inform them about the admissions process as well as the social and extracurricular opportunities available to Brockport students
  • Assist with the preparation, planning and implementation of “Summer Melt” initiatives
  • Assist with the High School Verification Project
  • Conduct tours to on-campus visitors
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of Undergraduate Admissions at The College at Brockport and exhibit professionalism at all times when representing our university.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned

For more information about Undergraduate Admissions, visit



The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities is seeking a graduate intern who will assist and be responsible for:

  • Learning about Brockport’s Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities and the current department initiatives, including education, assessment, and Living Learning Communities
  • Developing lesson plans/guides for educational programs for various student populations and needs, including LLCs
  • Creating usable materials/tools for RAs and RDs related to creating Community Standards and Community Accountability
  • Developing and enhancing marketing efforts to students, faculty, staff and parents
  • Assisting with departmental assessment initiatives including but not limited to student learning, satisfaction, customer service, conduct, LLCs, etc.
  • Reviewing applications, accepting, and placing students into the first-year LLCs
  • Developing and enhancing the overall LLC program
  • Supporting educational initiatives within the Student Conduct system.

For more information about Residential Life/Learning Communities, visit



The Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program Educational Opportunity Program is seeking a graduate intern who will assist and be responsible for:

  • Assisting in the development and planning of those activities associated with the Pre-Freshman Summer Program
  • Assisting the academic coordinator in the planning and training for the tutorial services and testing for the Pre-Freshman Summer Program
  • Assisting the EOP staff in the development and implementation of the student and parent orientation as part of the Pre-Freshman Summer Program
  • Assisting in the assessment process associated with the goals and learning outcomes EOP
  • Working with the to facilitate the collection of data focusing on those students who are identified as attrites and EOP graduates
  • Administering pre and post testing for the EOP Pre-Freshman Summer Program students on (profile) performance indicators

For more information about the Educational Opportunity Program, visit


student union & activities

Student Union & Activities is seeking a graduate intern who will assist and be responsible for:
  • Assisting with the daily operation of the Seymour College Union, including managing the facility during Summer Orientation
  • Learning about and supporting plans for major fall events, including Welcome Week and Homecoming/Family Weekend
  • Creating and managing summer programming in the Union
  • Maintaining and updating social media marketing for the Union
  • Participating in regular staff meetings, specifically discussing facility improvements, union operation/services, and programming
  • Facilitating data analysis of student employee/volunteer assessments and suggesting improvements to the program

For more information about Student Union & Activities, visit


Leadership development program

The Leadership Development Program is seeking a graduate intern who will be responsible for:

  • Curriculum development and improvement for the program, based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, particularly with respect to enhancing inclusivity of varied populations
  • Using information gathered throughout the 2013-2014 year to make substantial improvements to the mentoring and advising components of the Green and Gold Certificates
  • Representation and promotion of the program at Summer Orientation sessions
  • Collaboration with individuals in Residential Life to develop a strong program for the First Year and Upper Class Leadership and Community Service Living Learning Communities
  • Analysis of assessment data from the 2013-2014 academic year, with an emphasis on program improvement and recommendations

For more information about the Leadership Development Program, visit



Enrollment Management/Student Affairs interns should have an interest in the educational potential of the co-curricular experience, intentional programming, comprehensive approaches to education outside the classroom, and background knowledge or interest in assessment. Interns should exhibit a positive attitude, innovation, self motivation and eagerness to learn about current institutional and national trends and initiatives.  Individuals with creativity and ability to work independently are highly encouraged to apply.

Questions about the program or any of the positions listed above can be emailed to