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English Department Awards

Department Scholar Award

  • The department’s highest award for overall scholarly achievement, presented at spring honors ceremony.
  • Eligibility: English major with English GPA of 3.67 or higher. 
  • Selected by English department faculty vote. 
  • Variable monetary award (last year, $500).

Morgan Award

  • Established in 1962, in memory of Dr. Warren M. Morgan, professor of English 1942-62.
  • The department’s second award for overall scholarly achievement.
  • Eligibility: English major with English GPA of 3.67 or higher. 
  • Selected by English department faculty vote. 
  • Variable monetary award (last year, $150).

Ingersoll Award

  • Established in 2000 by Mary and Earl Ingersoll, in memory of Rose and Earl Ingersoll.
  • Preference to first-generation English majors with demonstrated financial need.
  • Eligibility: Junior English major, 3.25 GPA; self-nominated or nominated by English faculty.
  • Variable monetary award (last year, two awards of $550 each). 

Boutet Award

  • Established in 2010 by Mike and Katie Andriatch in memory of Harry B. Boutet.
  • Awarded to a junior or senior who demonstrates leadership, moral character, and a concern for the value of grammar in communication.
  • Student application, including 1,000-word essay, judged by departmental committee.
  • Award to an English major in even-numbered years, to a Communications major in odd-numbered years.
  • One award of $1000.


Blaine M. De Lancey Award

  • Established in 1981 by Floy Winks De Lancey in memory of Dr. Blaine De Lancey, professor of English 1934-1967.
  • Awarded for an outstanding essay by an undergraduate or graduate student in English.
  • Students submit essays: winner selected by departmental committee.
  • Variable monetary award (last year, $150).

Cal Rich Poetry Award

  • Established in 1989 in memory of Calvin Rich, professor of English 1969-1995.
  • For poetic excellence, maximum of 2 awards (one for structured, one for free-form poetry).
  • Eligibility: graduate or undergraduate English major with a 3.0 (grad) or 2.0 (undergrad) GPA.
  • Variable monetary award (last year, $150).

Maggie Fox Poetry Award

  • Established in 2009 by Dr. P. Michael Fox in memory of Maggie Morgan Fox.
  • For creativity in the writing of poetry.
  • Eligibility:  graduate or undergraduate English major.
  • One award of $100.


Maxwell Award

  • Established in 2005 by alumnus Richard Maxwell.
  • Recognizes outstanding achievement by a married graduate student, male or female, pursuing an MA in English.
  • One award of $5000.

Heyen Graduate Scholarship in Creative Writing

  • Established in 2010 by Hannelore Heyen and William Heyen, Professor of English and Poet in Resident Emeritus.
  • Awarded to students applying to the MA in Creative Writing, selected by the English department graduate committee.
  • Two awards of $1000 each. 

Scholarship applications can be found online at:

All incoming student scholarship applications will be due March 15th and current student scholarship applications will be due April 1st.

Last Updated 4/6/15