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Department of English

Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

The 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing allows writers of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction the opportunity to practice and hone their craft without committing to a full masters program.  Like a “minor” on the graduate level, it may be taken by students who are pursuing graduate studies in other areas, or by students who wish to explore their interest and aptitude for further work or study in creative writing. 

Program requirements:

ENG 503, Writer's Craft 


ENG 603, Seminar in Creative Writing  


ENG 691, Prose Workshop     


ENG 692, Poetry Workshop    


One English elective    




Courses taken in the certificate program would also apply towards the MA in English.  For instance, a student who has completed the certificate would be welcome to apply to the MA program in creative writing, and if accepted could finish that degree in a year.  In another case, a student might work towards an MA in English with the emphasis in literature, to be accompanied by the certificate in creative writing. 

Students may be matriculated or non-matriculated graduate students, but must be formally admitted to the program.  Applicants must meet the same requirements as for the Creative Writing MA, including submission of a writing sample for review by the creative writing faculty. 

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Last Updated 9/10/13