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Brockport / English / macreative

Department of English

The Creative Writing MA

The Creative Writing MA gives writers of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction the time and resources to develop and hone their craft while reading widely and intensively.   The program is designed to foster a rigorous, nurturing community of writers, to encourage creative risk-taking and the development of an individual voice.  Workshops are constructive and intense.  Students will meet with a variety of distinguished writers through Brockport's visiting writers series, The Writers Forum.

Course requirements:


Writing Workshops
     ENG 691, Prose Workshop (3-9 hrs)
     ENG 692, Poetry Workshop (3-9 hrs)



ENG 603, Seminar in Creative Writing


ENG 595, Writer's Craft


Literature electives  


English electives


ENG 698, Creative Thesis






Students will choose electives in consultation with the creative writing faculty to address areas of particular interest as well as to broaden and deepen their familiarity with literary tradition.  Literature electives are courses that focus on the study of literary texts; English electives include courses in literature, linguistics, grammar, or film. In addition, up to 6 credits may be taken outside the English department, with approval of department.

A typical two-year program might look something like this:

First fall term

Prose Workshop, Writer's Craft, Elective  

First spring term 

Poetry Workshop, Seminar in Creative Writing, Elective

Second fall term 

Prose Workshop, Elective, Elective

Second spring term 

Poetry Workshop, Writer's Craft, Thesis

The thesis:

The degree culminates in a creative thesis of 50-60 pages--typically a collection of poems or short prose pieces accompanied by a critical introduction.  The thesis should include the best of the work that has come through the workshops, revised and brought to a finished state. 

A member of the creative writing faculty will direct your thesis.  Early in the semester prior to your final semester, submit a 4-5 page thesis proposal to the director.  Upon approval by the director, two faculty readers, and the department chair, you may register to take ENG 698 during your final semester.

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