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Brockport / English / literature

Department of English

The MA in English Literature

The MA in English Literature is a rigorous program introducing graduate students to advanced study in literature. Courses provide an opportunity for deep and sustained analysis of a variety of literary texts, emphasizing advanced critical and theoretical approaches. The program encourages students to work closely with faculty mentors and culminates in a substantial (and potentially publishable) independent project focusing on an area of the student’s interest and emerging expertise. Graduate students additionally have the opportunity to meet with nationally and internationally recognized authors through Brockport's visiting writers series, The Writers Forum.

Course Requirements*


Course in grammar, linguistics, sociolinguistics, history of language or English literature before 1500


Course in British literature before 1800


Course in British literature after 1800


Course in American literature before 1870


Course in American literature after 1870


Course in world literature


ENG 690 Advanced Writing in the Discipline**


ENG 697 Advanced Project in Literature***






*No course may meet more than one requirement. The program of study must include at least 15 credits at the 600 level. Students may transfer up to 12 credits from other institutions.

**Students must have completed at least 12 credits before enrolling in ENG 690.

***A G.P.A. of 3.0 and grade of B- or better in ENG 690 is required to enroll in ENG 697.

****Up to 6 credits may be taken outside the English department, with approval of department.

A typical two-year program might look something like this:

First fall term

Course in later Brit. lit., Course in early American lit., Elective or World Lit

First spring term 

Course in later American lit. or linguistics, Elective or World Lit., Course in early Brit. lit.

Second fall term 

Course in later American lit. or linguistics, Elective, ENG 690

Second spring term 

Elective, Elective, ENG 697

The advanced project is typically an article-length study (30-40 pages), expertly researched and sufficiently complex, that demonstrates mastery of the relevant primary and secondary literature as well as an ability to write in accordance with professional disciplinary standards.  

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