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Brockport / English / onomastics

Journal of Literary Onomastics

An annual of scholarship on names in literature

Stefan Jurasinski, State University of New York, Brockport

Editorial Advisory Board:

Michael Adams, Indiana University, Bloomington
Andrew Breeze, University of Navarre 

Richard Coates, University of the West of England 

Claire Culleton, Kent State University 

R. D. Fulk, Indiana University, Bloomington 

Carole Hough, University of Glasgow 

John Insley, University of Heidelberg 

Wilhelm Nicolaisen, University of Aberdeen 

Matthew Townend, University of York

The Journal of Literary Onomastics (formerly Literary Onomastics Studies) is the only scholarly periodical concerned with the linguistic and philological aspects of proper names in dramatic, narrative and verse texts. Issues appear in print and online.  In order to be considered for publication, all submissions must at a minimum demonstrate that they are substantially informed by current scholarly literature on onomastics and mindful of its characteristic methods. Given the expertise of the editor and editorial advisory board, studies dealing with literatures in Old, Middle and Modern English as well as other West European languages will be particularly welcome, though occasional issues under guest editorship dealing with other literary traditions may appear as well. All submissions must be in English and citations must follow the most recent edition of the MLA Handbook. The journal will publish both article-length submissions and notes; reviews will be commissioned. Issues appear once per year and are printed by the State University of New York at Brockport.

Submitted articles should be sent to the editor’s email address ( as attached files in MS Word; these should not contain any references that reveal the identity of the author. After an initial evaluation by the editor, all submissions will be reviewed by one or more anonymous referees for a period not to exceed 3-4 months. 

Books for review should be sent to the following address:

Editor, Journal of Literary Onomastics

Department of English

The College at Brockport
350 New Campus Drive

Brockport, NY 14420, U.S.A.

ORDERING INFORMATION : Print issues of  the Journal of Literary Onomastics are $25 each for both libraries and individuals. To order, download the form below, specify the issue(s) desired, and make checks payable to SUNY Brockport (NOT the Journal of Literary Onomastics).Checks should be sent to the editor’s mailing address (given above). Libraries will be invoiced upon receipt of the journal, but issues will not be sent to individuals until payment has been received.

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  Reprinted issues of Literary Onomastics Studies (in the form of spiral-bound photocopies) are available to individuals for $25 per volume. These may be purchased using the order form given above.

Volume 1, Issue 1 (Appeared June, 2011)

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Andrew Breeze, “British Places and Rauf de Boun’s Bruit”

Susannah Brietz Monta and Lisi Oliver, “Spenser, Wolfram and the Reformation of Despair”

Michael Adams, “Cratchit: The Etymology”

W.F.H. Nicolaisen, “’Eve’s Neighborhood’: Fictionalized Factual Place Names in an Off-Campus Novel”

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