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Department Faculty

Our faculty and staff include:



Dr. Kathryn Amatangelo

Assistant Professor
115 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5743 


PLANT ECOLOGY: Plant community change, Global change ecology, Species invasions, Functional traits, Ecosystem function, Terrestrial biogeochemistry, Paleoecology 

Katie Amatangelo in a forest

Dr. James M. Haynes

121 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5783


FISH ECOLOGY/FISHERY SCIENCE: fish ecology and behavior; marine biology; benthic macroinvertebrate communities (zebra mussel effects, indicators of stream health); environmental impact analysis; biotelemetry; Great Lakes' issues; environmental education.


Dr. Ely Kosnicki

Assistant Professor
B03 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5961


ENTOMOLOGY/INVERTEBRATE ECOLOGY: Biological monitoring and assessment of human related disturbance; reference modeling; stream ecology; invertebrate life histories; freshwater ecosystems


Dr. Christopher Norment

Chair and Professor
119 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5748


VERTEBRATE ECOLOGY/CONSERVATION BIOLOGY: ecology of terrestrial vertebrates, particularly birds and mammals; avian breeding biology, and community structure and function; grassland ecology; ecology of arctic and alpine environments.



Dr. Jacques Rinchard

Associate Professor
117 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5750


FISH BIOLOGY/PHYSIOLOGY: Fish Physiology, Fish reproduction, Fish nutrition, Fisheries, Aquaculture


Dr. Douglas A. Wilcox

Empire Innovation Professor of Wetland Science
108B Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5963


WETLAND ECOLOGY: Wetland ecology, with an emphasis on the influence of hydrology, climate change,and human disturbance on wetland plant communities.

Dr. Clayton J. Williams

Assistant Professor
125 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5961


LIMNOLOGY/AQUATIC BIOGEOCHEMISTRY: Global Change, Human impacts on water resources, Human-Land-Water interactions, Dissolved organic matter chemistry, Water quality, Carbon cycling, Land use and cover impacts on aquatic ecology

Professional Staff


Ms. Deborah Dilker  

103 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5975




Ms. Andie Graham, MS

Instructional Support Associate
127 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5966




Mr. Theodore W. Lewis, MS

Research Scientist and Associate Faculty
123 Lennon Hall
(585) 395-5746


For the past nineteen years, I have been involved in the stewardship of water resources in the Great Lakes Region. Our research work has ranged from watershed protection to exotic species invasions and fate.

I also serve as a Co-Technical Director and Quality Assurance Officer of a State and Nationally Certified water quality laboratory housed here at SUNY Brockport.

Mr. Brad Mudrzynski, MS

Research Scientist/Lake Ontario Coastal Wetlands Monitoring Project
108A Lennon Hall
(585) 395 5763


 Faculty Emeriti 



Dr. Joseph C. Makarewicz

Distinguished Professor
125 Lennon Hall


Applied aspects of environmental science, lake and watershed resource management, including such topics as watershed and ecosystem approaches to determining point and non-point sources of nutrients in urban and rural watersheds, hydrologic and nutrient budgets, indicators of successful remediation, strategies and demonstrations projects for reducing nutrient and organic hydrocarbon from watersheds, atmospheric deposition rates on ecosystems, uptake dynamics of chlorinated hydrocarbons in aquatic food-webs, top-down and bottom-up effects on plankton community structure, environmental education, environmental impact statements, plankton as indicators of success of the phosphorus reduction program in the Great Lakes and methods of reducing pesticide levels in fish grown in polluted waters. 

Department of Earth Sciences Faculty

Dr. Whitney Autin

Associate Professor
Ph.D., 1989, Louisiana State University
(585) 395-5738


Dr. Mark R. Noll

Chair (Earth Sciences) and Associate Professor
Ph.D., 1989, The University of Delaware
(585) 395-5717


Paul L. Richards

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 1999, The Pennsylvania State University
(585) 395-5715


James Zollweg

Associate Professor
Ph.D., 1994, Cornell University
(585) 395-2352


Department of Chemistry Faculty

Mark Heitz

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. '95, SUNY Buffalo
(585) 395-5586

Markus Hoffman

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. '97, Washington University
(585) 395-5587

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