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Brockport/ Environmental Science / Faculty / Hilary R. Mosher, MSc, MPA

Hilary R. Mosher, MSc, MPA

Hilary R Mosher 

My son and I enjoying Highland Park, Rochester, NY. 


Hilary R. Mosher , MSc, MPA
Instructional Support Technician
Adjunct Instructor 
Department of Environmental Science and Biology
B-45 Lennon Hall
Phone: (585) 395-5966
Fax: (585) 395-5969
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Emily at La Hesperia 

Emily McCall, Green Intern (‘12/13) and Undergraduate student in OAP 404 handles a machete and una mariposa in Ecuador.


Campus Sustainability

For the past nine years I have led research projects and presentations ranging from alternative energy and LEED, to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) sustainability tracking system (STARS). Currently, I am involved in several research projects on campus. The first involves pro-environmental behavior change and measures energy consumption among college students. Our project paper ‘Pro-environmental Behavior Strategies and College Students’ will be published in January 2014 in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. As a supplement to this project, we have designed an application to monitor energy use for use on the Android platform. We are currently in beta-testing for this app to determine its viability as a means of measuring student energy use versus a standard Watt-meter.

A second research project focuses on consumer behavior to determine the effectiveness of an intervention on food waste among three SUNY campuses. Food waste is being weighed during three phases of our research: baseline, intervention and post-intervention. We will determine if there is a statistically significant difference in the reduction of food waste based on one of three conditions: control, environmental messaging, or economic messaging. Future projects include using biodiesel production as a business case study with students across several disciplines.

Currently, as Chair of the Sustainability Task Force and working with the Environmental Health and Safety Officer, we hope to create a protocol for incoming students to encourage recycling on campus and within the community. Targeting students upon entrance to the College may have a significant effect on pro-environmental behavior. Additionally, I have student research groups promoting recycling and providing incentives to both students and custodial staff to encourage recycling on campus.

As chairperson of the Sustainability Task Force and in cooperation with the Managing Environmental Health and Safety committee, the campus can create a culture of sustainability through an integrated relationship between the environment and our education and research programs, thereby establishing a paradigm of environmental responsibility within our future decision-makers.


Environmental Conservation

Stewardship is integral to conservation and teaching stewardship must be at the core of our program. In addition to the civic engagement opportunities we provide on campus, students may sign up to work on La Hesperia, a biological reserve located in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Teaching students the importance of conservation strategies and how to preserve one of the most biologically diverse areas of the world is a quantifiable outcome of OAP 404. Conservation work includes tree regeneration studies, propagation of seedlings, planting of primary forests within the cloud forest and organic, sustainable farming while learning the ecology and politics of conservation in Ecuador. Please check out the following link to  La Hesperia  where you will find research and volunteer opportunities in the cloud forest of Ecuador, a biologically diverse hotspot of the world. Volunteer positions last from two weeks to six months and are highly recommended. OAP 404 is offered every winter through the Study Abroad Office at the College. 

Mitad del Mundo 

Students in OAP 404 celebrate el Mitad del Mundo while on a field trip outside of Quito, Ecuador, winter 2012.

Environmental Education

With the goal of promoting environmental education across the community, I work with several non-profit and school groups each year. Together, students and community members learn about the importance of water quality, pollution prevention, and issues in sustainability and biodiversity within our environment. Children of all ages are excited to actively engage in issues such as stream biomonitoring or stormwater stenciling. An active approach to some of our more complex topics allows students to draw connections to the living environment.

I have taught courses in Environmental Science, Ecology, and Sustainability in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador and will be co-teaching the online course Psychology of Sustainability during the summer session. I am highly effective at utilizing current technology and trends in the classroom through the use of iclickers, social media and blogs. Final projects for my courses employ videos which are posted to YouTube. I have developed learning objectives, advised students, created storyboards for sustainability videos and communicated via campus social media.


In addition to working with the MESH committee and being the Chairperson of the Sustainability Taskforce, I am also on the Walk! Bike! Brockport committee, an event to promote living well and reducing our dependence on fuel-powered vehicles. This event is held each fall. Community members are encouraged to walk or bike to work instead of driving your car. Prizes are given to members who have walked or biked during the week at the end of the week finale. All are encouraged to participate.

I also work with RochesterCares Inc ., a group dedicated to promoting, creating and managing effective volunteer programs to meet and exceed the educational, environmental, and human service targets of the greater Rochester community. I am responsible for coordinating environmental activities across the community as well as assist programs such as Alternatives for Battered Women, FoodLink and Habitat for Humanity.

Given these activities on campus and within the Rochester community, it is my intent to promote environmental awareness and civic engagement. It is power at the individual and community level that will induce change in our society as a whole. Lead by example, be proactive and motivate others to use their most powerful tool: their voice and action!

'The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything' - Einstein 1879-1955.

Be the Change! Volunteer!

Coastal Cleanup Participants
Volunteers for the International Coastal Cleanup at Hamlin Beach State Park (fall ’12).

Some Other Responsibilities on Campus:

In years with high enrollment, help teach Marine Biology/Geology-Bahamas during the January intersession, San Salvador Island, Bahamas.

Hazardous Waste Liaison for the Department, including all relevant training and certifications.

Founding member of the Green Campus Initiative and advocate for promoting environmental stewardship among SUNY Brockport students and faculty.

Supervision of work study students within the Department.

Maintain Department budget records, including ordering all except office supplies and following up on all orders to ensure timely delivery and payment.

Maintain records of all Department truck usage, reported to the chairman quarterly.

Maintain teaching labs, Departmental equipment, perform audits, maintain record of inventory, order supplies as needed, assist faculty and graduate students in field work.

Develop problematic experiments and lab exercises to develop proper techniques for class usage.

Teaching other laboratory sections as needed.

Assist graduate students with research as necessary.

Links of Interest

Environmental News Network

Great Lakes Information Network

Earth Day Network

Arbor Day Foundation

US Green Build Council

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein


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