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Graduate Program

From its inception, the Master of Science Program in Environmental Science and Biology has identified itself with "promoting teaching and research in the study of the earth and environments." With graduate faculty in the fields of environmental science, biology, geology, chemistry, and the earth sciences, the Environmental Sciences Program at SUNY Brockport spans a broad array of subjects focusing on the earth, its environments, human activities, and the linkages between them through a foundation of rigorous science and dedication to wise use of natural resources. The purpose of the ES Graduate Program is to develop scientists who will be able to analyze and understand environmental systems, predict environmental change, and participate in the management of the environment.  Each student in the MS Graduate Program conducts research and completes a thesis; develops depth in a specific academic area through the completion of focused course work; and develops essentials skills in statistics, geographical information systems, science writing and public speaking.  Upon completing their MS graduate degrees, students will be prepared to conduct research in national research laboratories,  field stations, Ph. D. programs in universities, as well as institutes and corporations in the private sector. Graduates may find careers in federal, state, and local government agencies that are charged with managing natural resources and employment in the private sector with productive careers in industry and consulting firms.

 Learn more about the program in this video introduction from graduate coordinator Joe Makarewicz:



Dr. Joe Makarewicz
Graduate Coordinator


Phone: (585) 395-5749

Last Updated 4/4/14


Dr. Chris Norment has had his fourth book of creative nonfiction accepted for publication by the University of North Carolina Press. Tentatively entitled "In the Fullness of Time," the book interweaves memoir with an exploration of issues related to the evolution and conservation of rare and endangered species in the Death Valley region. The book will be published in 2014.

Dr. Joe Makarewicz' newest publication in the online Lake Scientist is entitled 'Research Summary: Lake Ontario Phosphorus Loading'. Available online here.


Environmental Seminar:    

Wednesday, April 30th, 4:30 to 5:20 PM

Lennon Hall, room 118

‘Minnow Diversity and Habitat Associations in the West Branch of Sandy Creek, Orleans County, New York’

Coral Reina

Environmental Science and Biology

The College at Brockport

State University of New York

Defense Thesis Seminar


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Monday- Friday, 8am - 3pm

Secretary: Deb Dilker

Contact: 585.395.5975 


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April 26th, 9am