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The Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program

Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Message to EOP Alumni

The Educational Opportunity Program has traditionally assisted economically and educationally disadvantaged students to achieve their educational goals. In addition, EOP continues to help students and educational institutions to come to value the importance of diversity in our daily lives. EOP at The College at Brockport continues to "raise the bar" and help the College achieve its expressed goals of improving academic achievement and retention, and to strive toward an increased diverse educational environment.newgrds

EOP-Giving Voice to the Unheard Scholar


The Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program and The College at Brockport is committed to offering the highest educational opportunities to New York State high school graduates and GED holders who do not meet regular applied admissions criteria, but have demonstrated the potential for post secondary academic success. The Educational Opportunity Program is committed to enhancing student success through legislative and institutional funds provided to assist in meeting the cost of direct financial aid, supplemental instruction, and counseling. Student learning and success is our goal.


Comments/Suggestions concerning these pages can be sent to:

Gary Owens                                                                                                             
Director of EOP
The College at Brockport                                                                                      
State University of New York                                                                                
Phone: (585) 395-2547                                                                                          
Fax: (585) 395-5907
Prospective applicants, please contact:
Michael Brown
Undergraduate Admissions

 The EOP offices are located on the ground floor of the Rakov Building.

Last Updated 8/20/14