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Brockport / EOP / G.P.S.

G.P.S. Mentoring Program



G. P. S. stands for Growth, Purpose and Success. The mission of G.P.S. is to assist in helping our students determine a career and choose a major that is suitable for their goals, strengths, and abilities. G.P.S. is in place to provide additional support services to students while emphasizing the importance of retention/graduation, self awareness, careers and relationship building. In fulfilling its mission, G.P.S. is designed to support our students in building long lasting relationships with faculty/staff, alumni, and community professionals in their desired career in an effort to gain more knowledge and experience.


After being matched with a G.P.S. mentor, one can expect to meet on an individual basis with a knowledgeable professional from their desired career field. This mentoring experience will assist in providing every student with a foundation in their academic department. In addition to assisting students in becoming more familiar with the academic department, G.P.S. strives to help students get better acquainted with the college and community as a whole. G.P.S. will challenge every student to become cognitive thinkers and decision makers for their future. The overall success of every student is the program's highest priority.

How to apply:

Please speak with your EOP counselor or program coordinator at the EOP office, located on the lower level of the Rakov Building, to fill out an application. 

Last Updated 9/12/14