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Brockport / EOP / Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals


The Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program and The College at Brockport is committed to offering the highest educational opportunities to New York State high school graduates and GED holders who do not meet regular applied admissions criteria, but have demonstrated the potential for post secondary academic success. The Educational Opportunity Program is committed to enhancing student success through legislative and institutional funds provided to assist in meeting the cost of direct financial aid, supplemental instruction, and counseling. Student learning and success is our goal.


Unit Overview

The College at Brockport Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program (EOP) provides an avenue for student learning and support in obtaining a degree in higher education. With a well-trained, dedicated and experienced staff and in collaboration with many other components of the College, EOP provides assistance with the admission process and all aspects of financial aid, academic, career choice, preparation and planning, as well as personal counseling. EOP also provides holistic preparation and support to students through a four week residential Pre-Freshman Summer Program (PFSP) and the First Year Structured Program (FYSP). In addition, students are supported by a peer-tutoring program as well as many other support services activities designed to support retention and perseverance to the completion of the degree in higher education.


2013-2014 Goals

Academic Quality & Engagement

  • Increase EOP student participation in all EOP activities by 10%

Co-curricular Programming & Support Services

  • Assist to increase the recruitment and admission of underrepresented males in the 2014 cohort
  • Increase student/counselor contacts for the purpose of career counseling by 5%

Learning Environment & Quality of Place

  • In conjunction with the Admissions Office to increase the recruitment and admissions of the number of students from Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse


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