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Educational Opportunity Program

Message to EOP Alumni

In May 2009 we proudly celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at the College at Brockport.

As you know, EOP provides much needed assistance to economically and educationally challenged students. Our services include academic advisement, tutoring, personal/interpersonal counseling, and career assistance. On occasion we have even been known to “pass the hat” around the office to collect funds to assist a student experiencing a hardship or unexpected crisis. Over the years we have seen a sharp increase in emergency fund needs that we cannot cover solely by passing the hat. From the student who needs transportation home to tend to a family crisis to the student who cannot cover the cost of their textbooks, we never want to turn away a student in need.

We realize that you are inundated with charitable requests, but urge you to consider making a donation to the EOP Emergency Fund at The College at Brockport. By doing so you will directly impact the life of an EOP student by providing them with support in a desperate time of need.

It doesn’t matter the amount of your gift. Every little bit helps. Please make your tax deductible donation to the EOP Emergency Fund today. Please contact the EOP office if you have any questions. Thank you!