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About the Department

Whether conducting an Ichthyosaur dig in Wyoming, studying the impact of shrinking wetlands systems, or forecasting severe storms in our weather center—the learning experience in each of the earth sciences is driven by a spirit of scientific inquiry and creative discovery. Through our close student-professor collaborations, with an emphasis on field work and research, and high academic standards, students prepare for careers in the earth sciences and its many related disciplines. Whatever direction their paths take, our graduates have gained the confidence and skills to take active, contributing roles as stewards and citizens of the Earth.

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Recent News

  • The Department of the Earth Sciences would like to welcome Dr. Stephen Jessup to the faculty as our newest assistant professor!  Dr. Jessup is a recent graduate of Cornell University where he studied Atmospheric Science. See Dr. Jessup's biography for information about his additional academic background and research interests.
  • Dr. Paul Richards has received a grant from the New York State Water Resources Institute to map all of the karst areas in Albany County.  Albany County has some of the largest cave systems in the state and is also a well known "spelunking" destination.  The grant will fund earth science students this coming summer (2014) to assist in the mapping and field surveying of sinkholes.  Besides exploring these features in the field, the students will use ground penetrating radar to evaluate their physical characteristics in the subsurface.   

  • Geology alum, Bryan Kaproth '07, completed his PhD in Geosciences at Penn State this past August, and in September his article entitled "Slow Earthquakes, Preseismic Velocity Changes, and the Origin of Slow Frictional Stick-Slip," was published in the prestigious Science magazine. [September 13, 2013: Vol. 341 no. 6151 pp. 1229-1232.]  Congratulations on your stellar accomplishments, Bryan!

  • Tornado sightings from the Summer 2012 Storm Chasing trip.
 AnneMarie and Kelly  timmy in well  Mikki, Mikey & Jill Graduated with Honors


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