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What can I do with a major in . . .

Earth Science?

The major in earth science spans the entire breadth of the earth sciences:  atmospheric, hydrologic, and geologic sciences, while allowing considerable flexibility in selecting courses.  It is specifically designed to provide a broad, well-rounded background for students who are planning careers in secondary or elementary education.  The earth science major can also provide a useful scientific background as a second major for students in political science, criminal justice, business, economics, English, communications, computational sciences, or computer sciences.  In combination with one of those majors, a student could pursue a career in national or state park service, or computer applications to the earth sciences.

Career opportunities  

  • Environmental Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Research Facilities
  • Education
  • National/State Parks

Note:  A graduate degree program may be necessary for some of these professions.

Skills acquired

  • Ability to analyze, organize and interpret
  • Strong mathematical and scientific background
  • Aptitude for accurate details
  • Ability to make critical observations
  • Awareness and appreciation of the earth and its components

What our majors have done


  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Marcor Remediation
  • Naples Central School District
  • Brockport Central School District
  • Avon Central School District
  • TES Environmental
  • Nevada State Parks
  • Fairport Central Schools
  • Fairport Community Television
  • Wayland-Cohocton School District
  • WHAM Radio
  • Batavia Central School District
  • Penfield Central School District
  • Monroe Community College
  • Ward's Natural Science
  • Rochester City Schools
  • The College at Brockport
  • Greece Central School District

Graduate Programs

  • The College at Brockport, New York
  • University of Buffalo, New York
  • Syracuse University, New York
  • American Museum of Natural History (Masters in Teaching Earth Science residency program), New York 
  • University of Nebraska
  • Binhamton University, New York
  • Niagara University, New York

Last Updated 7/24/13