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Water Resources

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Curriculum Overview

The water resources major at The College at Brockport is a challenging, interdisciplinary study of the science of hydrology and associated earth environments.  Course work includes hydrology--the scientific study of water--and the closely related earth and physical sciences, including geology, chemistry and physics.


Water Resources majors must earn a minimum of 43 credits (cr.) in hydrology and the closely related earth sciences.  Additional requirements are two semesters each of calculus, college chemistry with laboratory, and college physics with laboratory.  

Core courses  (29 cr.):

ESC 211  Introduction to Meteorology     (4 cr.)
ESC 222 Intro to Water Resources (4 cr.)
ESC 318  Watershed Sciences     (3 cr.)
ESC 350  Computational Methods in the Field Sciences   (3 cr.)
ESC 391  Writing in the Earth Sciences     (1 cr.)
ESC 412  Hydrology      (4 cr.)
ESC 494 Senior Research (1 cr.)
ESC 495 Senior Seminar (1 cr.)
GEL 201 Introduction to Physical Geology (4 cr.)
GEL 462  Groundwater     (4 cr.)

NOTE:  To make normal progress toward the degree, students should take ESC 391 and ESC 350 in the sophomore or junior year, and ESC 494 and ESC 495 in the senior year.  In planning your program of study, please note that many 400-level required courses are offered every other year.

Designated electives (13 cr.):

ESC 311 Synoptic Meteorology I (4 cr.)
ESC 312 Synoptic Meteorology II (4 cr.)
ESC 313 Environmental Climatology  (3 cr.)
ESC 314 Environmental Climatology Laboratory (1 cr.)
ESC 325 Wetland Systems (3 cr.)
ESC 420 Radar & Satellite Meteorology (4 cr.)
ESC 431 Environmental Applications of GIS (3 cr.)
ESC 455 Introduction to Soils Science     (3 cr.)
ESC 462 Hydrometeorology (4 cr.)
GEL 411 Stratigraphy & Sedimentology   (4 cr.)
GEL 415 Geomorphology (4 cr.)
GEL 457 Geochemistry (4 cr.)
ENV 419 Limnology     (3 cr.)
ENV 436 Water Quality Analysis   (4 cr.)

Required co-requisite courses (27 cr.):

CHM 205-206 College Chemistry I, II   (8 cr.)
CPS 201 Computational Tools (3 cr.)
MTH 201-202 Calculus I, II     (8 cr.)
PHS 235-240 College Physics I, II  (8 cr.)

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