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Scholarships & Awards

Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. Award 

This award is provided by WHEC TV to a meteorology major with junior status who is pursuing a career in broadcasting and meets all other award criterion.  (No application.)

Departmental Scholar Awards 

These awards are given to qualifying students in each of the majors:  earth science, geology, meteorology and water resources who are demonstrating academic excellence at a junior or senior level .  (No application.)

Science Scholar

These awards are presented to incoming freshmen who are pursuing a major in one of the earth sciences:  earth science, geology, meteorology or water resources and who demonstrate a high level of achievement in high school and on SATs.  (See link to freshmen scholarships below for application information.)

Victor E. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship will be available to students in any of the department's majors that demonstrate high academic achievement and extraordinary involvement in their field during their junior year.  (Endowed - not yet available.) 

To help build this endowment, visit the Brockport Foundation's Giving website.  Note:  If making a donation via the online form, please be sure to select "restricted" under designation and then type the scholarship title in the "comments" section. 

Additional College-wide Scholarships

For additional information on scholarships available to incoming freshmen, click on the following link:

For information on scholarships available to transfer students, click on the following link:

For general scholarship information visit the Scholarship Office website.

Last Updated 10/20/11